December 7, 2021

42 thoughts on “The MLM Selling "Drinkable" Dirt | Black Oxygen Organics

  1. I know a lot about clay and ceramics. All of those ingredients are dug from the earth and then SIFTED!! This dude clearly doesn’t even sift this mess enough to get the worms out! He started with a meat grinder??? Try a screen. But wait, then people wouldn’t find quantum worms that prove magic.

  2. 18:40 Christians who believe in reincarnation isn't that unheard of. Yeah they are rare, but this isn't even a New Agey thing. It's been a semi-popular fringe heresy throughout the history of Christianity, sometimes seeded by Gnostic thought, sometimes antique Greek philosophy. I heard about a 13th century monk who proposed the idea that sinners gradually reincarnate into purer and purer souls until universal salvation has achieved.

  3. This is so disgusting. I ate a lot of dirt as a kid and it gave me worms so if these people are eating dirt I bet some are passing parasites. Ew. Bleh. They pay money for this. It makes my skin crawl.

  4. I am so glad to hear that the FTC and FDA is cracking down on this company. What a bunch of crazy and dangerous claims they have made. Adam is one scary dude. I was in an MLM that sold a fulvic acid supplement, and of course their source was "the most potent to be found." Yeah, it tastes like dirt! The company was Green Smoothie Girl, and she still sells the products on her website. She ended the MLM relationship in 2016 after Melaleuca was warned by the FTC about claims and Herbalife got in trouble with them as well. I am glad to see you doing more content. I've pulled back until I learn to edit and use thumbnails because my videos look too amateurish. Thank you for all of your work!

  5. Bahahahaha! "Quantum tunneling"? So those worms are getting out of people by particles jumping from a moderate energy equilibrium state to a low energy equilibrium state through what should be a high energy barrier? Bahahahaha! I'm not a physicist, but even the little I learned from my physicist ex-wife and binge-watching physics videos is more than enough to make it crystal freaking clear this guy is completely full of BS. That is NOT what quantum tunneling is, dude.

    This is like claiming you fixed your car's oil leak by wrapping your toilet plumbing in duct tape.

  6. "Wow! This German doctor sounds amazing! What's his name?"
    "What was that?"
    "Hanz what?"
    "Hanz Flerfruggenschißeür."
    "You just kind of trailed off and I'm pretty sure lots of those syllables weren't the same as the first time you said the name."
    "Heinrich! Heinrich Dusselhoven!"

  7. Virginity Oil, dear god, I hate that. As an asexual virgin I hate how people try to glorify virginity. Whether you've had a sexual experience, multiple experiences, or absolutely none, it doesn't make you any more or less pure than anyone else.

  8. Speaking of quantum, have you heard of Healy? It's a "quantum medicine" MLM that sells what is essentially just a cheap electronic device, which probably costs about a dozen bucks to manufacture, for THOUSANDS. It's supposed to do just about anything. Reps have been making claims not only about it being a cure-all, but also about its ability to magically repair appliances, send positive vibes to your living room, and a bunch of other unhinged stuff. It's also supposed to be able to replace homeopathy, essential oils and the likes by sending their "code" directly into your cells. Don't ask, logic was thrown out the window long ago. How does it work? Simple. It sends electrical signals through some electrodes and yadda yadda frequencies whatever, don't worry about it it's quantum. It comes with an app that analyses your chakras and gives you a bunch of meaningless numbers just based on your name and a photo of you. I am not making this up.

    The best part? You can have someone sell sessions to cure stuff through a phone/zoom call. How does it work at a distance? Good question. It doesn't even have any sensors, it's just a thing with two electrodes and a bluetooth antenna and that's pretty much it. This would all be absolutely hilarious if it didn't also claim to cure cancer along with other serious medical conditions.

  9. You may not be bringing it up to shit on him as a person, but I'm absolutely going to. Fuck that snake oil salesman and his fucking bizarre notions on everything.

  10. The story/claim with the foster kid going from silent to babbling is absolutely infuriating to me. I was a kid that didn't talk. (For different reasons, but still.) It absolutely infuriates me that they said that this dirt made this kid start babbling. Implying that being non-verbal needs to be "fixed" and was "fixed" by boo. (The OP literally said "Boo for the win!" WTF!) Gah. I don't think I can really put into words how angry that makes me. Stop using kids to market your product and stop trying to "fix" kids that don't need fixing.

    I honestly feel so sorry for that kid. I hope he's doing okay.

  11. Ground Coffee, truly authentic. Actually made from the Ground! I think Geophagia is the specific condition which deals with Dirt Eating and has been around since, well forever. Can't say I can recommend it as a Panacea though. Ultimately, another scam designed to prey on the desperate, vulnerable and weak minded souls who will fall for "Quantum" every time. Much like that TV show with Scott Bakula called… er "Enterprise"?

  12. EWWWWW! I can't stand apple cider vinegar and that's supposed to be good for you. Now they're selling drinkable dirt. YUK! I thought practicing medicine without a license was against the law?

  13. On other videos, people with environmental science backgrounds have commented how vital bogs are as habitat and for carbon storage. And where I live wetlands are all protected from development. Which leads me to wonder: who gave Mudman a permit to dig in this bog?!

  14. Judging people based on their looks is wrong, but Adam's eyes are absolutely terrifying. Like if he approached me in a bar, I'd instinctively wrap my hand around the keys in my pocket in "self-defense" pose.

  15. I think the founder got something wrong. Medicinal baths, which include mud bath or fango, can be part of a therapy and are usually described by a doctor. They can help with joint pain and similar things. Someone needing a wheelchair because of pain, might feel better shortly afterwards. But they don't cure and especially not by themselves.

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