December 5, 2021

32 thoughts on “The MOVIE VENOM Bundle Is ONLY 800 V-Bucks IF You Already Own The Other Venom Skin! (Venom Gameplay)

  1. We need a Pokémon collaboration
    There would be a backpack for a back bling
    Built in emote for backbling: you throw a poke ball and a Pokémon of your selection (in the locker) will come out and follow you
    It would have no hit box

  2. Stop supporting this garbage marketing practice, and I promise it will get better.

    If you bought the old venom, you should have gotten the new venom as a style period. The glider and contrail should have been included in the bundles as well.

    Let me know when you guys are tired of getting screwed by capitalism. I'll keep boycotting for now.

  3. I hate that they themed the backbling and glider around spiders, the glider is a symbiote Spider, the backbling is clearly representing a Spider. It doesnt make sense, because the movie version has no relation to spiders.

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