September 17, 2023
The New COINTELPRO? Meet the Activist the FBI Labeled a “Black Identity Extremist” & Jailed 5 Months

21 thoughts on “The New COINTELPRO? Meet the Activist the FBI Labeled a “Black Identity Extremist” & Jailed 5 Months

  1. I'm being victimized by this and there is no end to it. They do target White people. I'm white. 70% of the people that get targeted are Women. That just shows you what kind of Coward's they really are . They won't even arrest me. They just Stalk, harrass, unlawful surveillance 24/7. Phone and computer hacking, Bank Fraud, Identity Theft, Abducted beat and tortured dog. Set up my sister in intentional Car accident and Killed Her. They have made multiple attempts on my life in the same way over and over. These tactics are being used in Illegal police sting operations under the guise of a investigation. The list goes on and on and nothing is being done about this because it is supported and approved by the heads if the DOJ

  2. White supremacy is the SCOTUS and the United States Government! It's time for us to wake up and stop drinking the kool-aid! HE KEEP SAYING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OVERREACHED! THAT'S BS! THEY REACH EXACTLY WHERE THEY WANT TO REACH AND THAT'S INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE!

  3. the whole idea was to imprison the so called black man in order to take his gun carry license away, so that he is made a unarmed black man and has this excessive prison lifestyle, Americkkka is Racist and going to Hell in a hand bag and that's EXTREME!!

  4. The Heart of Central Ohio City of Columbus Ohio Tampering with federal Government Record's Exsposing Confidential Medical To Sexually Personal Business Info, Online. Vandalism Citizens Cars By Mechanic's Participating In FBI Cointelpro With Cops Gang-Stalking Programs Surreptitious Reincarnation of Criminals Attempt By the community Residence. Health Department Errors Destroyed Records Invading People's Privacy, Dogs Biting People's, Dogs Lounging Aggressively at People's, Birth Certificate Social Security cards Damaged, City of Columbus Ohio What's Legal In Ohio Sexual Assaults Near East Area Commission Kathleen Bailey Property Owner's Participate in Illegal Housing Discriminations Making Homes Not Available, Online Homes Disappearing The Next Day, Columbus Ohio Transit Cota Buses Women's Undressed Nude, Business Sexual Activities, neighbors Participate in Sexual Activities, Trash can's With Fece's inside it Transmitter STD Columbus Ohio Near East Area, Stop The Illegal housing Discriminations Kathleen Dallas Bailey Linwood Ave Columbus Ohio Phone Calls Stalking People's Families And Friends Dark side of Undercover Secret, Brainwashing Citizens On Chatterly Ln Columbus Ohio 43207 Loud Ass Disturbance Noises a Damn Criminal Shame,

  5. I hate to be that guy, I am a supporter and donor for Rev. Al Sharptons efforts to end discriminatory based violence upon African Americans…that said, right now in Sacramento California there is a boat load of African Americans covering for, aiding and Abetting and providing comforts to a bunch of "Caucasian" FBI, NSA, and other Intelligence Agencies as informants assisting in a TORTURE campaign of countless People, including other African Americans. It is difficult to save our brothers and sisters in the African American Community, when they in localized groups regionally support those who are TORTURING and killing them and everyone else. Currently their is a case in Sacramento County that has over 131,000 hours and counting of TORTURE techniques applied to multiple Civilians…the John Burg case was committed upon 120 African Americans, and again this is not a joke, right now there are "African Americans" who watched first hand TORTURE of unarmed Civilians at the 4806 MYRTLE AVE block 95841 Sacramento California. How do we help save and rescue each other if those who need saving, and advocacy are aiding and Abetting, concealing and harboring those TORTURING their brothers and sisters to death? I have advocated gently, neutrally, and angrily for the lives of countless through the streets…so far every "Brother and Sister" of color has concealed those responsible. Can't tell if it's fear or loyalty or both, but for a fact countless more African Americans will suffer because of the cowardliness of those in that area without question. The case I refer to is SO horrific, it would blow the lid off of the Nation's TORTURE techniques, extra Judicial executions through the streets and more…instead, it has been concealed. From the reports many of the same "African Americans" assisted with the TORTURE processes as well. A live time John Burg case and men and women of the ethnic minority Communities assisted those responsible. God Bless the REAL African Americans like the Woman who stood up for George Floyd and tried to intervene!

  6. The government is dying for us to get in a race war. I'm beyond sick to death of the government and their friends in the deep state who hate us all and want total control of every human being on the planet

  7. Gangstalking debunked

    All problems have a geological aspect. It's weird because gangstalking is a global phenomenon. The CIA is one of the most powerful organizations in the world if not the most powerful. They're the head of the gangstalking program. CIA domestic operations are based out of Denver, Colorado and foreign operations are based out of Langley, Virginia. Intelligence agencies and the military are secretly behind gangstalking, but work through law enforcement and community groups who have ACCESS to their target. Fusion centers FUSE them together. This works the SAME way in every country only with their intelligence agencies and law enforcement. The FBI's Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) made one global terrorist watchlist. It's a sham to hide the targeted individual program. This is how the CIA and FBI can be tied to gangstalking. I have statements from government employees and a gangstalkers confession that fusion centers are gangstalking too. There are several videos on YouTube were gangstalkers have confessed to being infraguard and citizens corps as well. THIS is gangstalking debunked. Not the YouTube video by sneezing monkey that claims it's paranoid schizophrenia.

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