September 25, 2023
The New FBI Powers: Cointelpro on Steroids

Incredibly, with little outcry from the populace, the lengths to which the government will go in its quest for total control have …


7 thoughts on “The New FBI Powers: Cointelpro on Steroids

  1. I just realized why the networks put so many FBI programs on every evening. Bored agents get their motivation and inspiration from them. I hope they keep an eye on each other. Robert Hanssen spied for the Russians for 22 years while with the FBI…. I bet they make locks sufficient to thwart the secret snoops.

  2. Your videos haven't been popping up in my new videos section, which kind of annoys me, especially since these *EXCELLENT* videos typically get less than 1000 views and definitely deserve more.

  3. What is this guy talking about "they can do thus & such"? They are DOING IT. I'm a targeted individual. Once I was put on The List in 2007, my apartment was entered numerous times (once from the balcony) and searched. My trash bags were picked through. My car has been entered & wired with tape recorders and bugs. They aren't asking for permission to do these things in the future. They're asking for legality for something they're ALREADY DOING NOW.

  4. I am a victim of their new powers.  They came into my house and put their secret cameras to watch me in my home,  they sure as hell didn't do this because I am a terrorist its because they are abusing their powers and are up to no good and its all because of a college I attended.  I was told by more than one credible source that the administration had put me on a list of people they needed to destroy, well come to find out, the new COINTELPRO is what the administration enlisted me in. Then they been sticking GPS trackers on my car.  They have done to me everything they have done to the  guy who is currently  suing them.  They have tapped my phone, went through my trash, went on a slander campaign, read my emails, screen and probably read my postal mail. sabotage my attempts to find work and host of other unsavory things.  These people are OUT OF CONTROL and  are trying to protect a corrupt organization and they went after  me in what is called a vengeance campaign.  Attempts have been made on my life and I under 24/7 surveillance…….COINTELPRO IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE and this should be dismissed as a conspiracy theory!

  5. I would like to respond to the post of the thePeacefulActivist.  You asked, do you know what the CIA and FBI did to JFK for trying to limit their powers.  The US has a long history of assassinating people here and abroad.  Murder, Murder, Murder!!!!!!!

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