December 4, 2021

36 thoughts on “The Oedipus Complex – Film & TV’s Freudian Obsession

  1. Freud was full of shit, and has been discredited, but this video is still interesting. I do find it disturbing that people think witnessing your parents having sex makes you a serial killer, I think that says more about the creators, but you know, boomer writing I guess.

  2. Bates Motel is the most frustrating show I have ever seen in regards to the fact that Norman and Norma did not seek/receive any mental help which is the point of the show I guess. The side plot of the town and it's weed history was just v uninteresting to me though.

  3. What about Seymour Skinner and his mother? Definitely some Oedipal motifs there, and as perverse as it sounds, I think the closest thing to a father-figure in his life is superintendent Chalmers.

  4. frued never really made sense to me tbh. it makes more sense if it was familiarity in growing up from a simplex to a complex relationship with your community. then when of age you meet new people and you now have to deal with the reality that you have to make complex relationships with other people as quickly as possible for maximum security and depending on your education (any type) during your up bringing by your local community. will depend on your capability to create and manage new relationships. from associates to love interest(s).

  5. I feel like people always miss that the oedipus complex is symbolical and subconscious, not literal. Yes, you never thought about your mother sexually or wanted to kill your father, but that's because its not something that happens consciously, at least in theory. That, and that when Freud talks about sexual drive he doesn't just mean PiV intercourse but a general "drive to feel good". As babies that's feeding, as young kids is bowel movements (in theory!) and its not after puberty that it becomes genital and transforms into adult sexuality.

  6. I think people's relationship with their parents influences their adult relationships, but it has nothing to do with being sexually attracted to their parent. It's because our parents gave us our first model of romantic relationship dynamic, and because our relationship with our parents is our first and fundamental personal relationship. A straight woman might behave with an intimate male partner as her mother did with her father, that's her modeling behavior she learned from her mother, NOT an expression of subconscious sexual desire for her dad. Freud's observation of that dynamic misinterpreted it as being centered upon sexual feelings because Freud assumed that because he was obsessed with sex, everyone else is too. He was projecting.

  7. 0:40 Correction. Freud's theories are not "disputed". They have long been discredited altogether.

    Now Freud is only taught in psychology for historical knowledge of the field and, at best, as a stepping stone for other theories. But nobody takes it a serious science anymore. However, since America has an uncanny obsession with his ideas that you rarely find… well, anywhere else (and when you do, it's usually due to American influence), it has endure as pseudo-science.

  8. I had several praise breaks during the watching of this video! By far the best one I have seen yet. English teachers should use this in classes. It was such a great explanation of the Oedipal complex that she should teach a class. She did a good job of writing this episode. Can you please link the movie of the gentleman describing all of the Oedipal ideas in Psycho and the Birds? I would really like to watch that video as well thank you again for this it's top-notch work.

  9. James Gunn made Ego Quill's father for the movie. In the comics Ego the Living Planet is a planet with a face. His children are planets, and he has issues with Galactus. Quill is of no relation to him at all, but he does have issues with his father, who is a tyrannical space-warlord.

  10. GIRLS

    season 2
    episode 7

    Before watching this episode, I hated Jessa's guts.
    For a short moment a window opened and we saw the real Jessa deep inside … a little girl left on her own, alone and very insecure.
    Her 'talk' with her so called dad broke my heart.

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