Welcome world welcome to episode 8 of the OOC podcast!!

After two weeks off @BC__TV came in ready to have a fun show, but the acts of some hateful terrorists force us to start the show on a more serious note.

The Mayonnaise Militia – also known as Trump supporters – invaded the white house January 6th and committed acts of terror against our government. BC discusses the bigger picture and why this is yet another sign that change is NECESSARY.

Moving on… BC discusses hosting Christmas at his new home and how a conversation between him and his family brought up a TRAGIC child hood memory… involving Koreans, dogs and a tasty meal… DON’T JUDGE HIM PEOPLE!!!

We also bring back y’all favorite segment MEEKS ON THE STREETS… as Meeks shares a story of a guy that got lucky not once, but twice on the same night… at the same party.

Last episode was dedicated to our guy Randall Owens and his terrible taste in Christmas Music…so we had to call the good brother up and let him explain himself!

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