September 18, 2021

1 thought on “The panel discusses Black Consciousness with @MasechabaNdlovu In commemoration of #SteveBikoDay

  1. It's all good to promote Black Consciousness however Black Consciousness should not be used to slag off other people. Just because someone has got locks doesn't mean they are down for the cause. uMam Winnie Mandela used to wear wigs but that didn't make her any less pro-Black. Weaves and wigs provide convenience, versatility and protection (allows the hair to rest and protects it heat). Michael Jackson suffered from virtiligo, he bleached his skin in order to conceal his condition. That very same Hugh Masekela had a child with a white Swedish woman, so it's all good to sleeop with and procreate with white women but God forbid a woman should choose to wear her hair in a particular style. Give it a rest!

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