September 22, 2023
The premise behind Black Lives Matter is a lie: Larry Elder

33 thoughts on “The premise behind Black Lives Matter is a lie: Larry Elder

  1. Disgusting! and the gullible Dems still think that BLM is about defending black people! Thye will not listen to the facts as they (the facts) blow their narative.

  2. BLM is the stupidest thing that has ever happened. Thank got it is starting to be forgotten. All raises of people hated BLM movement. What BLM did is segregated black people even more.

  3. So what! Yet another chance to bash BLM. Have a closer look at any organization in the US and they will be the same. Questionable spending and asset building. Funny that they released their tax returns when ex-president drumpf stalled for so long. BLM has done nothing wrong, Elder is just looking for chink in the armor as a rich African American who did not suffer any racism. He hates them as any conservative hates anything that is not republican. Thank you for proving your insensitivity by claiming that there is no systemic racism in the US because an African American was voted in as President, what a joke. So typical of Fox to once again project racist commentary under the guise of opinion.

  4. I am treated like sh!t by black people on a daily basis for no reason whatsoever, and we all know why, I can't be the only one tired of it. They are practically begging you to be racists, it's what they want. Without the race card they're out of excuses really. Game over. ๐ŸŽฎ

  5. Follow the money and you will find corruption. No community outreach just flossing building an empire benefiting from the fallen. Thats sickening.
    Well organized sham.

  6. funny Fox News doesn't have multiple videos against or about PROUD BOYS, 6MWE, OATH KEEPERS, etc .. so racist FOX NEWS .. making it hard for Republicans to win any election with constant entrenched RACISM FOX NEWS โ€ผ๏ธ

  7. What a scam. Create an organization under the guise of fighting racism to 1) become wealthy 2) spread racism. This group is one of the most evil and dangerous groups in our generation.

  8. When a young black man shoots recklessly in the hood and kills a 12yr old girl at a picnic on the block. Where is the black lives matter protest and outrage? or is it that they only show up when a cop shoots us?

  9. People wouldn't listen people judged me and called me racist for not supporting black lives matter I bet they wish they listened now ๐Ÿ˜‚ people always believe what they see and hear without doing research

  10. This was just an organization trying to promote LGBTQ and change the world into an LGBTQ community because the leaders of BLM are LGBTQ. Then they wanted to dismantle the police so they can be free to promote their sexuality and perform their sexuality assaults without being held accountable. SMH

  11. Using a majority black city to (try to) justify the absence of systematic racism is asinine.
    I get it…BLM is a piece of schitt organization, but even with the Freddie Gray situation in Baltimore, systematic racism still exists.

  12. Starting to syphon money off into families accounts before they go to jail ,, they are no lesser thieves then Al Capone. Where is the I.R.S in all this , money is owned to the people of America

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