November 28, 2021

27 thoughts on “The PRESERVED-5: Allocating PARTIKI CONSCIOUSNESS For The BLACK BOX SOCIETY (Algo- Matrix)

  1. As we are a mind collective of and with the planet, it takes a certain part of the mind collective to create within the physical Matrix time flow.
    So if Agenda wants time flow to follow a specific narrative of theirs, the need to influence that part of the mind collective in the same direction, so that the minds will create, what the Agenda wants.
    And with social media, news and educations this is fairly easily done..
    Nice work as always Dave 😉
    Blessed Be.

  2. In the 2021 Netflix Kids(!) Movie "the Mitchells vs. the mashines" you see robots enslaving humanity by trapping them in a holographic (but physical) cages in order to send them into the open universe…just sayin

  3. Ok, you have a few ppl who are just 👎 to be “trolls” or doesn’t ’t like truth and information .
    Your the best 🧩 2gether out here on yt. With links provided to docs and amazing footage, so hopefully you are able to ignore

  4. the videos are bullshit, we are in the edge of technology and you are telling me that the best graphics the recording got was Nintendo Zelda 2-bit quality…horse shit!

  5. I totally was listening to frequencies maybe at the time you were uploading the video and I swear to god it played the “Schumann resonances” frequency video on YouTube after the one I was listening to.

  6. ps apparently YESTERDAYS schuman resonance ( supposed 2 b good 4 pineal gland!!!) was 1000?? not sure what it means but it was SUPERHIGH saw it at LEAK PROJECT sorry again 4 steering but i hope it helps us!!! lol

  7. i noticed at 3 58 a file and it was DAVID ADAIR ON IT!!! if you ve never seen ADAIRS VID about his AREA51 experience (and YES VON BRAUNS top nazi locked him in a room they were gonna keep/kill him!!!1!) I IMPLORE U 2 WATCH one of the funniest MOST SERIOUS AREA 51 STORIES EVER!!! sorry but im still laughing/stunned over it 50 YEARS AGO AND HE WAS 17 YEARS OLD!!! sorry zed 2 steer fans elsewhere but i hope uve seen it GOD BLESS U ALL BOMBS AWAY LEMAY of the notorious 509th in new mexico

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