August 12, 2022


  1. On shows like these there's always the token black person and black ppl who can't make an educational, common sense argument, and keep the naysayers on topic. The real argument they can't repute is why did other ppl groups receive reparations and they were in war.

  2. That white man is crazy!!! Yes there were Slaves across the world BUT chattel slavery was like no other, white people were indentured servants, not Slaves!!! There was also Jim Crow and Whites didn’t have to deal with that!!!!

  3. What does caricom has to do with ADOS, this is talking about slavery for brothers and sisters in the Caribbean Nations. It really tells me that many of you going against ADOS are nothing more than self haters who are filled with greed. ADOS though many doing this is our brothers and sisters, you know when to leave your family out of your business when they are working against your best interest. They have their claim, if you are from the Caribbean why are you speaking on ADOS? Is it because the other claims HR-40 and NCOBRA included you, legal and Illegal Immigrants, ADOS does not and rightfully so, Your goal is to receive under both claims?

    Caribbean wins reparations payments | New York Amsterdam News …

    Nov 29, 2018 – Beckles is the chairperson of the umbrella Caribbean Reparations … 200 of the more than 400 slaves it owned in order to get back on its feet.”.

    Ask the Pan Africanist why they insist in having Reparations for ADOS under the Umbrella of the AU (African Union), who would not allow Haiti in the AU, yet list Haiti under their Colonialist Reparation Resolution. Also Resolution 1339 establish in 1991 takes you to HR-40 which have been changed. It was Originally written by John Conyers, whom to me was the most credible congressman wrote the Bill for African Americans. Africa has multiple claims, why attempt to steer this one?

    Colonialism Reparation – African Union – Colonialism

    The African Union, born in 2002 as evolution of the Organization of African Unity … marches and sued the French state seeking reparations for descendants of …

  4. #ADOS…. Our reparations claim has nothing to do with another country unless that country needs to CUT THE CHECK to us also.

    Some of These people don't understand that DEBT IS TRANSFERRED like wealth.

  5. "Everybody was enslaved, my great great great grandfather was enslaved, what are we supposed to do about it, knock on doors and say give me the money..". Those voices are still enslaved!

  6. Ok I've heard enough these funny talking people are make my stomach hurt..You are not ADOS..None of these people are American…And will someone please tell the lady with the squirrel hair to shut up.

  7. At times i think white trolls are hiding behind some avatars. Why would any other black person in general be against what others getting what they are owed in their prospective lands where their people were slaves and victims of colonialism ? Claims for each country are specific. When those claims are made then you expand to the rest of the world. I am for all blacks getting reparations. ADOS are allowed to make specific claims as every one else. I surmise that many "non-ADOS' are not against us. They need to correct their own country men who may be talking against us and what ADOS are entitled to and vice-versa. In the U.S. all black and other non-white immigrants enjoy the rights that ADOS fought for ( many of which ADOS cannot even enjoy).

  8. Lol judging by the comments, no one read the description.
    The poster just wants the ADOS leaders informed. The more they know, the more they can stay firmly on code. If you know what their answers to questions will be you can be prepared with a rebuttal.

    Not sure if they need it or not 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. This lady is blind. For the conversation it's not just on slavery. But all of the slavery that came afterwards and I'm speaking of here in America. The nun support by government doing reconstruction . Basically an agreement was made with Democrats with Republicans would you at that point Republicans were in office. President Grant. President Madison his vice president. The agreement was if you do not push reconstruction in support of black slaves that were free and trying to make a go and doing fairly well of it due to the circumstances. That if they stop that support they would go alone with another Republican president. This is history. From that all the way through Jim Crow redlining and other things then I will government turn the blind eye to and they are responsible. So it's not an issue on knocking on doors and asking for reparations. This issue must be addressed with the United States government. Even with small changes as for civil rights for black Americans afro Americans in the 60s. These rights wer salt after after the civil war and agreed to be supported by amendments at that time. But we had to go back to the table in the sixties for the same recognition. Is the government we seek Justice from here in the United States for allowing this atrocity and supporting it. After reconstruction was shut down blacks were put in prison. Megan's law other minor infractions. Once in prison they were free labor for anyone that contracted them out. Wall Street was built on our backs. Here is some of the things that are our our grievances here in the states for descendants of slaves. But there are many more. And anyone that looked up and examined this history would understand better. I will race as a whole there wasn't atrocities all over the world that affected us as a race. But overall in each of those individual countries there was an atrocity that affected the black population therein. Justice here in America. Too many of us have died in suffered. I am a descendant of African. But this is my home that I must admit

  10. ADOS is probably designed by the C.I.A because they figured African Americans would join CARICOM. So they designed an anti-African version to divide the community. After all Africa's economy was ruined from slavery too they have famines in Africa right now. They have what is to equivalent to slave plantations in Africa now. Consider the diamond mines of South Africa the most resource rich country in the world(gold, diamonds) yet they are in extreme poverty. This will only work as a united effort or else it goes against Morality and loyalty.

  11. WE CANNOT JUST CUT A CHECK…. Why? Because Private Money is not Public Money…. What did I say… I said that equity (in this case sweat equity) and fiat currency are not the same thing. So if we do not take the appropriate precautions we will just give back the funds to our oppressors sand make them far richer in the process. So here is what we do… we create our own Treasury System and keep the principle whole and then use borrowed debt instruments against our assets and always just spend profit… Please do your research so that we can educate Pookie and Ray Ray when the time comes..

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