September 22, 2023
The Real Legacy of J. Edgar Hoover (feat. Ja Rule) - Tha God’s Honest Truth

Lenard examines how the protects white supremacy and polices everyone else. Tha God’s Honest Truth airs Fridays at 10/9c …


35 thoughts on “The Real Legacy of J. Edgar Hoover (feat. Ja Rule) – Tha God’s Honest Truth

  1. The host of this show said fuck white women. Doesn't seem right to me. I've never heard fuck black women in my life. The host of this show said fuck white women. Never seen that broadcasted ever.

  2. Mr.Edgar hoover was a great man. My role model. I applaude our F.B.I and support the United state's government and it's justice department fully. I think if you were to be agaisnt these organization's, your the problem. John edgar hoover, for the most part. Solved murder's and robberies and kidnapping's, ofcourse evil people dont want edgar hoover's around. It might make being a criminal harder if you were arrested by the F.B.I and sent to the dept of correction's.

  3. Fact of the matter is, john edgar hoover has done more to help man kind than people give him credit for! How many killer's, crook's, nazi's and communist's has Charlamange here arrested? None ? Well, that was just a day in the life of john edgar hoover, fighting america's enemies and criminal's like a courageous man! He is a human, so he has set back's and problem's. But so does every single human. Give the man some respect
    He has actually done a needed service in the world. Criminal justice. And not only that, he single handedly changed criminal investigation forever with finger printing. Helped police world wide and nation wide have an scientifically accurate filing system to identifiy criminal's without a doubt. Thank you! John edgar hoover, for changing the world and America. For making the F.B.I one of the most important organization's in the world.

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