September 21, 2023

In May, Banker magazine will once again celebrate the achievements of financial institutions and the men and women who go beyond the call of duty to accomplish the extraordinary. Our annual awards, established 16 years ago, have now become the most prestigious and sought-after prizes in the African financial world.

One winner at last year’s ceremony in Accra, fondly clutching her trophy, perhaps best summed up the reaction of most winners and nominees when she said: “An African Banker Award is the ultimate stamp of approval on your career in finance. It makes all the hard graft, the pain and sacrifice needed to succeed in this industry seem worthwhile. Your efforts have been noticed and publicly rewarded.”

Such sentiments as well as the smiles, the backslapping, the congratulatory handshakes, the commiserations for those who got so near but failed to make the final cut, and the excited chatter that fills the venue at each event naturally…

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