September 21, 2021


  1. We can inform our people consistently on the opportunities available to us on the African continent. This is the necessary discipline of our focus. We have tremendous human capital and must act, now. Let's not concentrate on our detractors but move forward with a plan. It is already happening. Continue the good work and let's expend our energy moving forward.

  2. Hi, I just found your channel and I love the way you are portraying GHANA and AFRICA as well. About 2.0 years ago that my heart was yearning for at least 1 natural resources 1factory. The current President 's agenda is 1 district 1factory which is in line with my heart desire. Therefore I want to suggest since you can bring our people together with some contributions as our sister was saying and survey the natural resources that you and I have and put up a factory for yourselves and your children, I know it's a better place to stay and you will love staying there. I'm also trying to go back. Enough staying in this European matrix. Thanks

  3. I 1st travelled to Africa in 1986 to Nairobi Kenya and again in 1993 to Senegal, Guinea, and through Ivory Coast. It changed my life forever. I will live in AFRIKA!

  4. I would love to go to Africa back home. Just got into heated arguements with 2 white boys that claim to be my friend tellin me im racist and to go live in another country and see how they treat me. I said I do know how yall treat me here im supposed to be a happy slave and be ok my family was brought here on ships and enslaved im supposed to be ok with it. Im ready to go

  5. I went to the continent twice and I LOVED it. I get into a serious slump when I have to come back here. What I found interesting, there were no homeless people in the streets and drug addicts like here in the states. Yes, there’s poverty but everyone had a roof over their head. Thank The Creator of all things and let’s go back home!

  6. Our people will never get any peace living amongst our enemies. We have to start the movement back home. And it shouldn't only be the people with a lot of money who get to go back. We must unite to help the least of ours get home too.

  7. Crazy world that's y I don't wanna be baptized I came here pure so ina leave pure y leave the U.S. r completely native to the world created by our higher power so cut out the runaway crap that's cowardness

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