September 17, 2023
The Secret History of MK Ultra w/Tom O'Neill | Joe Rogan

24 thoughts on “The Secret History of MK Ultra w/Tom O'Neill | Joe Rogan

  1. Soooooo Charles Manson was a secret CIA operative doing missions for the government? And Rogan is stoned enough to believe this?🤔
    Sure, sounds legitimate 😏

  2. I’m the early 90’s my girlfriend at the time dosed me with LSD while I was sleeping. I was someone with experience on this substance but having it done without my knowledge and consent was a strange experience. Can you imagine doing this to someone that knew nothing about the drug. They surely thought they had gone completely insane!!!

  3. I read this book years ago. I couldn't put it down, but to this day I wish I never read it. It most certainly took the subject out of conspiracy and gave you the blueprint to how its done, where it originated. Who were the major players. Some of the most horrific shit. Anytime I hear about mass and school shooters….or murders that are completely random. Void of any extreme emotion…..this book is what comes to mind.

    The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Total Mind Controlled Slave
    Fritz Springmeier, Cisco Wheeler

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