September 22, 2023
THE SECRET WORSHIP OF THE GOD OSIRIS AT MECCA!! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti #AfricanHistory

12 thoughts on “THE SECRET WORSHIP OF THE GOD OSIRIS AT MECCA!! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti #AfricanHistory

  1. Also, deep in Suratul Abasa, the Judgement Hall of the Egyptians is there. I can translate and cross reference for anyone interested. The Quran is very plagiarized as the Bible is as well.

  2. Question: I heard the Greek & Roman gods & goddesses actually came from the Vikings… the Nordic gods & goddesses. I heard that there was no real ancient Greeks & Romans in the BC era. Instead, the history of the Vikings was remixed / duplicated and attributed to the Greeks & Romans, who never really existed. Based on your research could there be any truth to that?

  3. My question is are they praying that black people never come into their understanding of the history & heritage that has been usurped by the many different races who have the knowledge for them to do the same?

    SETI…?!?! You've really mapped out for all YouTube entrepreneurs….HOW TO BUILD a presence.

    I have two or more subscribers because I took a vacation after much controversy about HOW TO STRUCTURE my full collections of accounts across the social media. I am no where NEAR your years of content created tenure.

    I won't be doing channels with rich heritage content as significant as the over one thousand videos that you've made available. I have watched for only a few years but I see WHERE, WHAT, HOW & WHY … I shouldn't give up in my contributions to positive change.

    I think SELF HELP is my angle….so 🤣 I must figure out by helping myself to discover the proper niche that my street smarts and combined education can lead others' in their own most beneficial paths of individual prosperity.

    I thought I'd let you know. You've really made me NOT GIVE UP no matter how slow I am in emerging. Let's face it; the social media AIN'T NO JOKE. In fact, you've proven how it can be a great investment to ones' self, others' and a change for a better tomorrow. 😉

    Thank you for that!

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