June 5, 2023

The Seychelles archipelago remains one of nature’s masterpieces and its unique has produced a fascinatingly diverse population and culture. Audrey Donkor is your guide to these fabulous islands.
The Seychelles archipelago lies in the Indian Ocean, off the East Coast of Africa and north of Madagascar. The archipelago is Africa’s smallest country, with a total land area of 460 sq km and a population of 100,447 (according to the country’s 2022 census).  
Most visitors flock to the islands for their beauty, stunning beaches and their unique culture and lifestyle. For nature lovers, the powdery, smooth white sands of Anse Lazio beach on Praslin Island and the giant, granitic boulders on La Digue Island’s Anse Source d’Argent beach will leave you gaping. But Seychelles offers more than just idle days sipping sundowners. The country is a lesson in merging the past and present, conserving nature and blending people and cultures. 
The islands were first…

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