September 21, 2023
The Shadow Economy of Chicago: Trappers, Smugglers, & Big Business

Chicago’s Trappers & Smugglers: The Streets vs Big (Documentary)

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00:00 Introduction to the Chicago Documentary on the trappers and smugglers of Chicago A Trap Tree Series x High Design History Episode by Youtuber “LMC”
01:02 Chicago’s O’hare airport
01:35 The Juice Wrld Tragedy and the ( jet) plane being used to smuggle into Chicago, Illinois
03:21 Chicago’s Street prices for Flower and Chicago’s prices for Legal Flower
04:08 How the streets have affected the legal market in Chicago Illinois
05:09 Large Companies and price manipulation in Chicago Illinois
06:00 The pop-up shops in Chicago Illinois
07:00 The flower being smuggled into Chicago Illinois history in 2010
08:39 The problem with Chicago’s newly legalized flower industry
09:41 The arrests of folks having legal on them?
10:24 The 4th Ward in Chicago Illinois
10:57 The problem with Social Equity licenses in Chicago Illinois
11:50 The Black Panthers in Chicago Illinois
12:46 Jeff F. and the History of Chicago Illinois
14:49 The disorganization of groups in Chicago Illinois
15:40 The problem with Chicago Illinois Plant Social Equity Licenses
16:39 The Social Equity Application Problems and KPMG
18:49 Chicago and Powerful Families in Chicago Illinois
19:51 The insanely high pricing of flower in Chicago Illinois
20:49 The Sozo Lawsuit in Chicago Illinois regarding social equity licensing
22:28 Is the legal market in Chicago Illinois designed to fail for Social equity applicants
24:05 Chicago’s first black-owned shop finally opens for in 2023
25:14 The major problems with Chicago’s newly legalized industry
26:08 Entrepreneurs need to use the streets in Chicago Illinois to build their brand
26:48 Conclusion to the (High Design History x Trap Tree video created by Youtuber “LMC” )


43 thoughts on “The Shadow Economy of Chicago: Trappers, Smugglers, & Big Business

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    LMC Productions x High Design Media

  2. Bro you don't know about the California market with cannabis you don't grow weed out here bro so what you hear was from 2 years and the Cali market doesn't run the whole country because it doesn't serve the whole… My suggestion is you don't speak on something you don't really know about that all you're hearing from is word-of-mouth ‼️✌️

  3. Love how the trapper posted OG Kush as energetic like it was Diesel or Tangie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Also the part where you put ur selfie over "2.0 billion" LMC ur a rich man huh

  4. Pritzker isn't a perfect politician but still makes the top 20 in the national stage, local politicians excluded. Better to have the devil you know in this case.

  5. Please tell me you getting ready to come to Missouri and talk about Kansas City and st. Louis cuz I need to know what's going on on so long we've been f**** around on the black market here in Kansas City going back and forth between Kansas and here

  6. Damn juicy! Every one these new states got some BD in the background.
    One state I know has a pending "med" program where a select few have paid 100s of millions just in the passing of the bill – which will benefit those folks of course. Dark money is a game and its being played without most our knowledge. I want legal herbs but not monopoly mids and beurocrat boof

  7. I bought a 80$ 1/8th from a shop in Malibu..the best stuff I've ever had in my life…its was a shop on PCH HIGHWAY CA.(if u know u know) yeah all the celebs live right there…BEST BUBBA KUSH I EVER HAD I STILL THINK ABOUT IT LOL

  8. Great stuff.. we patients get taxed off of thc percentage as well the illinois marijuana licensed is controlled by the law enforcement its currupted

  9. The same kind of shit happened in Vancouver. No one guys to legal dispensaries in Vancouver British Columbia because the quality sucks and all the legacy growers are still grey market. The grey market is crushing in terms of quality while the legal stores can’t even afford to stay open because their stuff is so shitty it can’t compete with the grey market. They should of let the legacy growers grow their own and sell their one, but since health Canada made the application process with the stupidest cannabis security clearance being mandatory to have a micro cultivation license basically destroyed the legal market. All the fire BC growers who were some of the worlds most renown growers couldn’t get into the legal market because of unfair security checks, criminal record checks, and even if you don’t have a criminal record health Canada requires police clearance which they will never give to a legacy grower since all the legacy growers were once connected to organized crime in the past. The police will not give them clearance which health Canada requires even if they have no criminal record check the police will say there is a risk of being connected to organized crime and then the applicant gets his application denied. Over regulation by Trudeau and his government I hope Pierre pollivere wins and helps the grey market growers get back to growing and selling their own product in a legal environment. It’s such a shame but this is why the grey market is king in Vancouver British Columbia and the surrounding lower mainland. I definitely agree the illicit market always checks the legal and in Vancouver the grey market has been against checkmate since 2001 and still continues to say check mate. I love it . Grey market forever

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