September 28, 2021

34 thoughts on “The SHOCKING Reason Black People Are Moving to Asia | Documentary [2019]

  1. It's safe as long as the percentage of black people living in Japan is a fraction of the foreigners there. If higher than a fraction of their women begin to procreate with black people in unacceptable numbers, it won't be safe much longer

  2. I was so shocked to see the level of love and welcomeness from the Asian world towards Africans I am from the small English speaking country in South America where lots of Chinese I'll arriving everyday to make Guyana they're home and they are genuinely good people 🙏

  3. It's funny how black people don't feel at ease in Africa, or America, or places where there is a large black presence, but feel comfortable in places where black people are rare. Almost like they're to get away from something.

  4. and some black people over in america be hating on asians thinking asians just racist. Asians had reasons to why they do somethings. Asians do not start the problem.

  5. I think the big difference is racism isn't instructional in Asian. Their brand of racism is mainly just out of misunderstanding, western taught stereotypes or ignorance. Which you can dually overcome by just being yourself. With institutional racism, you could be Einstein-MotherTharesa-Shakepeare-Gandi-Dalailama-Oprah combo and it all be meaningless because of the colour of your skin.

  6. アジアは黒人に対して差別的な歴史がない(差別が無い訳では無いが肌の色で生存権が脅かされる何てことは無い)

  7. Interesting really! Asians have always very openly downright despised the Blackman/ Blackwomen. These interviewed black people God bless them seem, seem to be ok but really theres a lot of Rascism in Japan. In fact only today a hotel in Tokyo apologised for Japanese Only and Foreigners only in Olympic season. The Black population in these countries are safe due to the very small numbers Only. Also the curtesy extended to the Black people is due to there small numbers. But this is due to Asians being polite to Eachother! With an increase in Immigration the situation will deteriorate. I would be very very interested to have these BEJ interview the very large Black community in Itaewon, korea. You would be Shocked!! The man who talked about the Chinese doing business with Africa thats pure Tyranny as the Chinese have basically taken over Africa!! Im sorry for raining on the parade here but all of the action in Asia has or will go to Africa.

  8. Not so fast. Some of us who have been to Asia are tired of carrying the load for an entire race on our backs. It's good to be able to blend in the larger society, something that is impossible in Asian countries.

  9. Maybe the reason they dont stereotype is because they have not experienced what the USA experience. Why dont you ask a asian from USA . I think its unfair to blame a whole country and people and should start addressing the real reason.

  10. Why are these black people moving to Asia why are these black people moving to China is my deeper question especially from Africa.
    Check out the stories everywhere from China to South Korea.
    There are so many of them that have been imprisoned since the covid as well they have been kicked out of their homes fired from their jobs left out in the street homeless signs have been put up no blacks allowed in restaurants.
    They are or have been taught racism they enjoy doing this to our people I can go on and on. WHY? WHY? WHY?

  11. I feel so ignorant to only know now that black people only feel safe inside their home. And it’s so sad that we treat our own kind this way.

  12. So I do not like that we should only come to Asia if we have something to contribute, but honestly, I just want to go places and see others. I want my children to see other cultures. I think that black people should travel to places to expand our concepts of other cultures.

  13. Japan has Yakuza gangs running all kinds of things. China blamed black people for Coronavirus and try to force them out of the country. China is currently exploiting Africa just like Europe has done for centuries.

  14. Assuming (economic) opportunities exist, anyone who has something good (skills, knowledge, experience etc) to contribute toward a society is welcomed almost anywhere, ultimately, initial hurdles notwithstanding. Living and working outside of one's country does broaden one's mind and outlook too. In the process, and over the long term, skin color matters very little, if any. In case one does meet a racist, just ignore the imbecile.

  15. Good video. I'm curious what if an east asian guy lives in a black african country, umm how about it. I wonder reversed situation

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