September 21, 2021

27 thoughts on “The Truth About Why Chinese Businesses Are Booming While Jamaican Small Businesses Fail

  1. I visited in 2017 it was the biggest shock that I had, the Chinese owns everything in Jamaica. How did they let this happen. I said to my taxi driver if I was to open a business here I would be blocked. The people need to rise up and stop this.

  2. I am so glad someone have decided to look into this problem.I am not Jamaican but Guyanese. I visited Jamaica sometime back and was shock to see that your country have allowed this to happen.This was possibly the last place on the planet that I was expecting to see this. Knowing that Jamaicans tend to stick together more than most nations.However You guys are in a very unique position to turn this around.For such a small state You guys posibbly Have the most Artist That can influence the world than any other country.This problem can be solve by them making songs (not necessarily for profit ) to transform the minds of the nation To boycot the chinese busineses and support your own explaing the benifits to the nation.
    This is a very effective wasy that have worked in Barbados with the song (Jack don't want me to bathe on my beach by Mighty Gabby.)Check this link where he explained how it happened .You guys can do this. We have every confidence in you.Also Check out Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao ,Former Ambassador to the African Union who explain this exact problem. Colonialization is heavily responsible for the this way of thinking that cause this problem that should never happen.Our Spending power is significant.We only need to let our people understand we need to support our own and The nation will be empowered as whole.Stop spending your money with people who do not Like you.Best wishes And I look forward to seeing you being the front runner in bringing the artist together weather it is online or in the stadium having musical show with songs constantly in the ears of your people to quickly turn this around.I hope you have been seeing the Videos on line how they have been treating our people in China lately. Also as a Vlogger You can influence this in a big way.Check how this Guy is getting politicians attention in Africa (his channel is Wode Maya). I look forward to seeing much more of you in this fight… Best wishes.

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