October 13, 2023
The U.S. Owes $350,000 To Every Black American

The U.S. never fulfilled its promise of “40 acres and a mule” to formerly enslaved people. If America granted reparations today, what would they look like, and who would be eligible? Economist William Darity Jr. and historian Verene A. Shepherd unpack two approaches to redress for a crime against humanity.

#BLM #US #Reparations

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22 thoughts on “The U.S. Owes $350,000 To Every Black American

  1. Would reparations ever be to African -Americans in April 9 , 2023 ? And who would get reparations if it's approved by the U.S. Congress and the President Joseph R Biden ? And how did you figure out that only $ 350,000 is owed to 40 million African -Americans on an individual level? For 250 years of mistreatment and physical labor and abused?

  2. The US owes black people nothing. This is a scam that will never happen. It is unconstitutional and the court already dealt with similar issues. Nobody alive was involved in that. And if you try to say everybody benefited from it, then the South would be the richest region of the country. Notice how they are not.

  3. I pay reparations every time I go to Walmart. When things are stolen the rest of us have to foot the bill. Also, food stamps and Medicare and all that. My taxes help pay for those. Knowing they will be abused and illegally traded and used

  4. They owe more to every native american first and the native americans from the east coast to the west coast should get first rights if reperations are to be paid there are more native americans sleeping on mattresses on dirt floors as a way of life and its normal. and its not what they want. but the black populas with there houses and electricity and crying they dont have it good enough…. try switching and living on the rez on north dakota reperations for the native nations first…

  5. White people will make a claim against black people regarding using white people inventions illegally : light bulb, tv, phone, internet, computers, radio , cars, trains , guns, planes, and hundreds more. 😁💪 There is no excuses to blacks to use our inventions .

  6. I agree if we subtract the national debt of $32 Trillion which means its a break even.
    40 acres in rural Mississippi is actually around $50K. Being that 50% of white Americans receive no
    inheritance from their family how do you make them accountable for a past that gave them no more than
    the average black man.
    In the eyes of the Constitution there are no white people, there are no black people. You cannot use a fundamental doctrine against itself. The acreage given to white people to homestead was not
    taken up because the land given was not ariable. Its easy to look at old ideas and claim fictional values far higher than real results.
    The war on poverty, welfare destroyed the black family by taking the father out of the home.
    I grew up poor but Dad was always in the home. That is my white privilege..

  7. Theft, looting…oh I thought we were going to have a real conversation. I am Irish, my ancestors were also. Don’t see me demanding reparations. Work hard, follow the rules and EVERYONE can succeed.

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