November 29, 2021

27 thoughts on “The Vision of Repatriation by Nunet in Benu Village – Ghana May 2017

  1. You said it right sister we lost connection with how is to be African not just African but natural African there a lot of brainwash African even myself that caught up in Foreign society, American society , it will take a strong humbling

  2. This is an excellent video. I am so entranced with her teachings on how to re-birth back to being African. Sometimes we have to go back in order to move ahead the right way.

  3. I love the beautiful black sister with the British accent who spoke. She is a very wise sister. I would love to come to Africa, live in a hut and experience nature for the reset of my life.

  4. What she is saying is true,you have to go and join your people or go to where they will consider you as a real person not treating you as a second class Citizen just because of who you are or your skin colour,just recently about 2,000 African-Americans and south Americans and Caribeans has been granted citizenship, according to the government of Ghana 4,000 documents are on a processing, they have right to acquire properties,vote in the country access loans bring their skills for jobs in their mother land in Ghana.The whites has been telling the blacks to go back to Africa when they are fighting with them,now they are proving to Trump and his cronies that they can go… welcome home my brothers and sisters,

  5. strong up to this movement, am gonna be a part of this move someday, this is our home and we need to come together and make it this best choice on this planet, where we will be Govern by morale and not emorility, strong to crew and Mama africa

  6. I stayed up all night watching this,l have never been this proud of my own ,Wakanda is becoming a reality.This sister needs the black nation behind her,the same way Jews built Israel ,is the way we need to build a tomorrow of our choice.I am Zimbabwean born ,Canadian citizen but l am reminded play my part in shaping a brighter future for myself and the next generation ,may the gods be with you.

  7. Tears at 8:28…We have lost our connection with Afrika. I have been roaming d motherlands to c where my spirit will connect with n move back h♥me. (cyant wait to get out cold, wet, where d sun doesnt shine get out of Neverland.(Europe)
    Raspect to sista Nunet, my heart jumped as she's describing the Re-birth piramid, ….deeeep…reminds me of me. Ghana, Benu Village Im coming..Asè ooooooo

  8. The host is beautiful, spiritual and intelligent. I would love to go on this journey. How can I take part? How much does it cost and when is the next time you will travel?

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