September 19, 2021

33 thoughts on “The war on white farmers | Short Doc

  1. I'm Canadian, looking at this from the outside, and a capitalist point of view. The South African government knows that the white farmers are their bread and butter. I don't think that the workers lack experience, but they lack management skills. It doesn't take long to realize, that farms don't make oodles of money. It's generations of work, that goes into the success. If you just go in as a manager, and rape the land, you're sure to fail. Without proper management, the farms will look like the rest of the country. Black or white, the workers will still earn the same if you want to make the farms sustainable.
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. I'm wondering why in many comments people are wondering why the Black people in SA hate the white people. Do you people not understand what apartheid was and how blacks were treated in their homeland? I don't support farm murders but let's not pretend that this isn't basically a form of revenge. It's not right but it isn't surprising. When buffalo corner a lion they make sure to gore it to death.

  3. There is a world of difference between a helpful person like the Russian investor and a thief like the english who stole land by conquest. I am Irish and I fully agree with expropriation of stolen land. As for compensation, it is the thieves who should pay the compensation for hundreds of years of exploitating South Africa`s land and people. Obviously, a white man from Russia who pays good money to buy land from the real owners, is entitled to own and benefit from his investment. If he had bought land from people who don`t own it (the thieves from england), he would have made a costly mistake.

  4. i hate to say it but civilization matters. we Bengalis managed to overcome 200 years of brutal colonial rule. for it blaming the new generation of white simply doesn't make any sense.

  5. Zimbabwe all over again. Consider what happened there after Mugabe took over. That's what is happening. Wake up! KUDOS to RT for airing this when western media ignores it as they follow Trump/Biden around all day every day and call it news.

  6. I'm Irish and not trying to get involved because it's none of my business but just need to say to something
    5:52 This is racism for fucks sake and all humans are capable of racism regardless of their race🤣🤣🤣
    I think ye should come to some sort of agreement so both Black and white South Africans can farm in peace because the farming will help the government and hopefully they'll help some of the poor

  7. The land they want to take was worthless until the Dutch started to irrigate and improve it. It will revert to worthless without their decendants. The country will starve. The first people to live their aren't even the zulu. The blacks demanding everything came from places north of south africa

  8. That's happened all over the world with Native people resenting and hating people who came from somewhere else… But the question has to be asked; 'What did the Natives do for progress in those countries before anyone new came? Yes, there were evils committed… But people alive NOW had nothing to do with them! No one has the right to destroy and kill just because their ancestors lost their land. They should build something of their own.

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