August 10, 2022

21 thoughts on “The Weekly Africa News Podcast


  2. Literally you have no idea about the war in Ukraine yet because of your hate to the west you spread Russian narrative. NATO never promised to stop expansion, that's a russian lie. Show me the evidence! You suggest negotiation? Really? Russia wants to incorporate Ukraine to its own territory and you want them to negotiate? what? how much of the territory they can take? You claimed that in Poland some africans were killed which is an obvious lie. Show me the source, reference, where did you get this information?

  3. Democracy is White Supremacy. Democracy only truly works for Europeans…it wasn't created to work for people of color, just work for the Western countries. U.S. and Europe are the Masters of
    the work, while the rest of us are still treated like slaves and the rest of the work are tired of the racist treatment. The people in their countries are suffering.

  4. ABSOLUTELY! HOW COULD AFRIKA FORGET ABOUT THE BIG CONTRIBUTIONS OF HELP DURING APARTHEID FROM RUSSIA! WHY SHOULD SAnot support Russia but to support the bully and murderers of Afrikan people, that who kill our pple, rape, steal andmurder our pple who starve Afrikans to death, killing them with sanctions. Afrika must stop trading or doing business with the devil! eu and USA. jesus was not Afrika's messaiah Alpha. Get out of the yte christian mindset and stop talking the way they like to hear, speaking of their lies and deception.

  5. Thanks for this Podcast it opens my eyes and mine. Please remember this, Russians, China and Iran are the chiefs supporters of many Africans countries political Independence research and get facts.

  6. Understand this is the time to prepare and inform the youth what Personal Sovereignty power over the fruits of their labor, and the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property really means! Afrika is the Ark and the wealth of Afrika their Birthright! The Continent of their DNA and Ancestors!

    Afrika is not poor; her wealth and people are exploited for the benefit of old and neo-colonialists regimes and their puppets! The fictitious country borders mapped by colonialists dividing the Afrikan Continent and its peoples from their indigenous lands must be removed! These fictitious borders were imposed on the Continent by the colonialist to forever control, impede intra-regional trade, and economic growth of the indigenous people of the Continent! The borders drawn by the colonialists are a curse on the Continent and Her People, imposing fictitious sovereignty in fictitious states blessed by the UN big 5!

    Malcolm X understood Negro Black America’s centuries of oppression in Amerikkka was an international issue that the countries of the UN must address and that Amerikkka must be challenged, and sanctions imposed on America! The NATO members are powerless against Amerikkka and blind to what NATO has perpetrated on the Continent of Afrika!

    The 21st Century Spirit of Afrikan Youth’s Awakening to the reality of the wealth of Afrika and what that wealth can do for 1.7 billion Afrikans on the Continent and their impoverished Sons and Daughters in the Diaspora is The Paradigm shift, centuries overdue!

  7. We miss my big Africa brother John Magufuli truth pan Africa now babylonians descent look after Tanzania to be the colonized stool for them and western political system was practice by colonializer ideology Missionary of Antichrist

  8. The information you're telling your audience is not what western mainstream media is telling us here in America, therefore you can assume the same to be the case in most parts of the world as well. However, there are non mainstream noncorporate-controlled individuals and organizations who are tracking the Ukrainian-Russian conflict who have very different perspectives of what's going on due to the information they've acquired that is not being presented to the general public here in America. 🤔

    There is far more going on in this conflict than what's being told requiring closer scrutiny by people who can be reliable and trusted to report what's really happening without the much-promoted bias that is applied to everything we're hearing: to garner a specific reaction and perspective on behalf of the unquestioning viewers. There is never a one or two-sided perspective of an event: it depends on who's telling you! The more people that are reporting the more versions will be expressed. Tuko Pamoja! 😜

    QUESTION EVERYTHING: What Is The Truth (WITT)??? 🤔 GYHOOYA: OYE!!! 😳

  9. Shy from Philly 🌺 Great podcast sisters and brothers of the African diaspora ❣️ We can do so many things with unity ❣️

  10. I want to say that Europeans are probably cooperating with Africa to save energy from what Russia has to do with gas tournaments. Simple reason. To understand that, we have not been able to depend on Africans and atheists to buy gas in the United States or other countries and not African and for the most part of what it is. Sim, I know Africa to condense Russia by invading Ukraine. Africa does not have to be close, it is a relationship with social and political reciprocity.

  11. My name is denham Jones which is a European name but my thing is known African country are government are people should join the European country on a whole Ukraine is not African Russia is not African we don't need no African to drive none of them anyone tried to do so the government should kill that African that trying to join the European country European country fight against himself Wyndham done them fighting against you and even in the midst of fighting against himself and fighting against Africa we need to mind our own business and take care of our own and the government we need one government in the African continent to take care of his people a meaningful government a meaningful who is for the people on the country on himself not work for the Europeans cuz the Europeans full of influence wickedness evil Dead and destruction that's all income with wickedness none of them is good reader Russia German France Belgium Italy England you name it Ukraine you friend where whatever they want to name none of them is good none of them is for you get the f*** out of there stop chat s*** go go there to fight for them are to support them in any form away you need to be killed who's ever trying to be supportive need to be killed. And I'm sending this from New York Brooklyn in America

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