August 10, 2022

17 thoughts on “The Weekly Africa Podcast News Show | Episode 2

  1. These people hate us because they stole, inserted themselves in the bible, and they know we are the real people of the Bible, the real are queens and kings. But these truths are being revealed in the social media platforms and you guys are making all this information possible for us to see and hear.

  2. Our people who are going to these Arab countries do not know of the Arabian Slave Trade history, so they do not know how they hate Africans, even those who convert to their cultures and religions.

  3. And they've got our students in detention camps. Seriously, our people's minds are really enslaved. Maybe it's for money, they being paid well, so they prepared to lose their lives.
    No longer a FB subscriber, can't wait for an African FB.

  4. 12 We are the living Church, that is to say, with a living God through a living prophet. All the other churches are religious cooperatives. One cannot take a census of the true church together with the religious cooperatives. In the past, during censuses in Israel, Arabs were not counted. [Kc.125v6-7]

    18 God saw the great synagogues of Israel, but he preferred the stables of Bethlehem. He preferred the little carpenter of Nazareth. And you, do the same. Do not seek God in the synagogues of Israel but in the stables of Bethlehem. Do not seek God in the Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and Branhamist Cathedrals but in the tents. More than half a century ago, William Branham had already seen on one side, the Branhamist cathedral-tabernacles and on the other side, a tent. You see? On one side, cathedrals, different from each other; and on the other side, one tent of which the living prophet is the door.

    20 I Kacou Philippe, I came to the earth, and I found the inhabitants of the earth ten times more hypocritical than they were 2000 years ago. They want their will done. They want a gospel according to their taste. All follow the devil with a deep peace. They are rich and they will always be rich, from father to son, because their cathedral-church is a family asset that they will pass on in inheritance to their children. They receive tithes, but they do not pay tithes to anyone. But you my son Daniel, I do not even wish you that you be a preacher because I want you to be saved. This is my prayer for you and your sisters. Amen!

  5. "…america is not in the bussiness of helping others, america is in the bussiness of helping itself…" No one could have said it better. This phrase summarizes everything. 👌👍

  6. A small country like the United States in population and also in size comparing to africa, they have their own social media why not us africans why can't we have our own shit? We don't need the enemies social media they will oppress our african freedom of speech. Like Facebook have been doing for the past 6 years they have been restricting the african people Facebook accounts when we start telling the true version of our history that they have been lying to the world for 500 years. You tube and the other cowards practiced the same technique to oppress africans freedom of speech.

  7. Africa must follow China and Russia foot steps we must have our own social media. We can not trust our enemies/oppressors. In fact by putting their companies in africa they want to colonize us. Colonization is when you are being forced to let another power to take control of your life. Therefore you are depend on them you must do what they ask otherwise they will unplug you.

  8. Although the English first coined the phase "soccer", thats now an American thing.
    Its been called FOOTBALL by the rest of the world from the 1800's.
    Why do fans stay with their clubs even though they ALWAYS loose?
    Being a TRUE football fan, you chose your club as soon as you begin to like the sport.
    I've been an Arsenal fan for over 40 years.
    We used to be a great club.
    Not anymore.
    I dont like whats happening now, but its still my club.
    REAL fans dont change clubs.
    Real fans dont follow a club just because they are winning.
    Fans who do that are called GLORY hunters..fake fans..or a fair weather fan.
    When their chosen team starts to fade,they jump to the next winning team.
    Fake fan.
    Real fans are with their club through the good and the bad times.

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