September 17, 2023
The women behind the Black Lives Matter movement

Meet the three black women who started the sweeping in the

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10 thoughts on “The women behind the Black Lives Matter movement

  1. You guys just reported that Travon Martin was murdered, but that may just be an opinion, because George Zimmerman was actually aquitted on the premise of self defense.

  2. Thank you CGTN. Black lives have never mattered in America. It's grown to be more than the organization. In America for many, saying or thinking Black lives matter is not allowed. Non white lives do not matter in America.

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  4. BLM movement and organization is based on the premise that Trayvon Martin was legally murdered by George Zimmerman who was legally acquitted. An acquittal cannot be appealed. In other words BLM is a lie based on a lie. They want to blame the justice system when he was acquitted by a jury of his peers.

  5. I’m black and I am strongly opposed to this movement. It is trash and does nothing for the black community. The movement was caught lying about its original message to destroy families and never mentioned uplifting heterosexual black men. I detest the movement. If they really cared about the black community, they would help black men, not exploit them.

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