May 27, 2022

27 thoughts on “There is no Crisis in Africa Malema Says Giving Updates on the Current Drama in Africa

  1. Malema you are one off my favourite, but this no , leave Burkina Faso alone, this so call Ecowas leaders are corrupt for standing behind leaders who keep extending their terms in office, Burkina Faso lost a lot lives to so call extremist, the civilians call for help no one came to help , now the the government is toppled by the military which supported by civilians suddenly everyone telling them what to do, where were guys when the Burkinabe needed help ????

  2. There is a crisis in Africa: death, poverty, human exploitation, civil wars, child exploitation etc. You cannot alter the mind of a citizen to feel safe are to make them believe that they are truly in peace and prosperity, when they themselves are in the crisis and live the crisis. Imagine telling me that their is no crisis.

  3. the African government got to get in front of all the staple food, so all people will have food to eat, wheat, corn, potato's, soy, rice, bean and pea, vegetables, {you got to develop these farms}
    even those you help people to get their farms started to where can also sell chickens, hogs, and cows {take the bones of all and any animal's and grind them down to calcium [remove the inter core of the bones] but save it} sell the calcium!!!!, if anyone want to start this business, we want to invest…

    i have motors for sell, we can buy gas generators, welding machine, because you want to make the motor what ever you need it for

    write laws where no private farm {with a certain amount of land} can export to other countries, without selling its food to the countries government first, no exception, few acres, but 100's of acres, that food must stay in the country and sold to its people

  4. The biggest hindrance of pan Africa is its presidents, who are actually puppets to the west and east. They need to be removed, this is when we shall realize unity in Africa.

  5. Aftican crises are created to take away the great riches of Africa by blindingAfricans. However, Africans have to rewind the old Africa to new Africa for Africans and the neighbours. If we cause more crises then the old Africa remains,but if Africans work together wherever they are ,then we can have new Africa green one-forestration . Loving enemy or neighbours will return Africans to Africa! Love your neighbour stop wars

  6. Africa please do not get involved in any way shape or form with these Caucasians' European war. We need to keep in focus our unity and healing from their oppression towards us. The time is now for us to show our strength in unity. Melanated Africans are not hateful warlike people. They will try to involve us but say No to their evil inventions.

  7. U.N will take order and it make worst what ever situation rather solving it!. Recently what happened to Ethiopia good enough to realize U. N. running someone else interest in the expense of others. U.N. Sub organization β€œOCHA” caught red handed when distribute military communication equipment for the rebels . Instead of correcting their unjustified deeds , they caught again trying to sabotage the government through secretly recorded phone conversations by creating false information and trying to spread fir world community! African problem should be resolved by African themselves!

  8. So what he is saying is that he has no real idea of what is happening around Africa, but whatever it is Africans should be able to sort it all out for themselves, but he has no idea how or when, right?

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