September 22, 2023
"They like our Culture but not where it comes from" Part 3 with Hayder

In the final 3 part special of the emergence of the sexual revolution 🔥 Hayder ties back Western government to global liberty, who are the real “n*ggas” in modern society and what’s the new found racism in the West. Stay tuned for a knowledgeable one.

– 00:24 Intros
– 03:12 Are you Team Sa Ra Garvey or Team Just Pearly Things
– 06:32 North Korea is a better place to live than the US?
– 08:42 The UK is worse to live than the US?
– 09:45 Why US prisons are worse than the UK?
– 14:18 Why Russia are taking Ukraine
– 18:57 Eastern Europeans were the original “n*ggas”
– 19:50 The biggest n-words in
– 22:30 How British soldiers “grape” french women
– 24:18 US “grape” of prisoners of war
– 29:12 The UK is harder to live than Lagos
– 33:50 How to school shootings in US
– 36:50 Europe are still in debt to the US
– 49:40 The new kind of racism
– 54:08 The West confuse Arabs with Islam
– 55:07 The Prophet Muhammad went to war with Muslims

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9 thoughts on “"They like our Culture but not where it comes from" Part 3 with Hayder

  1. North Korea,…
    Cannabis completely legal.
    Available in super markets.
    Price: kilo: $2.00
    USA has imprisoned 10.2
    million people in last decade
    over 50% are black.
    Life expectancy North Korea
    is 74.
    USA is 77.
    North Korea GDP per capital
    of $1000.00 per person or
    USA GDP per capital
    $70,000or more.
    North Korea literacy
    USA lieracy 70%
    USA illiterate 21%
    USA richest country
    North Korea highly
    civilized cultured people
    with little to no crime.
    UK & USA think men
    can have babies and
    think N.K. schools train
    their students into
    North Korea excels in
    humanity in the arts.
    USA & UK, CIA & British
    Intelligence control arts.
    North Koreans are highly
    ethical, respectful people.
    North Korea population
    26 million, less than 80%
    USA 505 per 100,000
    incarcerated, 21% are

  2. Hayder! Love love
    listening to your
    intelligent knowledge.
    Yet I give not one shyt
    how much your trying
    to push communism or
    Marxism not one bit.
    I want to rid of corruption
    and liars. Only honesty
    needs be the trait of a
    politician. No nazis,
    no comrades, no
    Marxist, no corruption.
    Truth. Honest. No lies!

  3. Mass shootings. Are
    they staged or real?
    My belief (knowing)
    is there definitely all
    staged. Fake. The
    reason why they do
    staged mass shootings
    is, the reason why the
    AR-15 rifle seems to
    always be used in these
    events is because the
    gov't wants to pass a
    bill or a law so they
    can take your guns
    away. Ban guns
    altogether. America
    needs those guns out
    of americans hands.
    The reason the U.S. 
    isn't run like China
    and the control they
    have is due to there
    being to many guns.
    The reason there's
    never been war waged
    on U.S. soil is cause
    there's too many guns
    in the hands of citizens.
    The enemy would have
    to fight not only the
    military but citizens
    as well. So they must
    take the guns outta
    Americans hands to
    begin their new world
    order agenda bull shyt.
    They can't accomplish
    this until the guns are
    outta our hands. Cause
    America wants the
    whole world modeled
    after China. It's possible
    that the American gov't
    will stage war against its
    citizens claiming its
    due to guns and mass
    shootings. But we all
    know U.S . citizens arr
    not giving up they're
    weapons. There may
    be a civil war against
    the American citizens
    soon. But ask yourself
    will the military ride with
    the gov't against its
    brothers and sisters.
    Will military staff kill
    they're and lock up
    they're family and
    friends? I don't think
    they will. They'll ride
    with the citizens
    cause thats why they
    fight wars to protect
    American citizens in
    the first place. So our
    gov't will align with
    China & Russia to
    accomplish taking
    our guns. They play
    they're our rivals yet
    that's staged too. It's
    a set up in order to
    invade. Like the immigrants.
    All a set up. America
    is so in debt to
    China there's no way
    they can repay them.
    So they sell parts of
    our country in payment.
    Considering America
    is a corporation a
    bankrupt corporation.
    So they need the guns
    outta our hands so
    they continue these
    staged mass shootings
    so people get scared
    and vote against guns.
    Like Germany,  they'll
    ask citizens to bring
    them in voluntarily
    then come and try
    and take them and it's
    gonna be war. Citizens
    won't be able to defend
    themselves and the
    military won't go against
    they're people so they'll
    call in help. They'll
    probably disguise
    Chinese & Russian
    citizens as American
    military citizens. Makes
    [Taken from yt
    channel 'Ayetae X

  4. USA colonized Africa
    for her resources. The
    week of D-Day, 14,000
    French women were
    raped by the British
    and American soldiers.
    The Islamization of the
    Middle East took place
    in the last 100 years.
    The Shiaiztion of Iraq
    took place between
    1890 & 1905. The
    more dominant aspects
    of the Arab culture is
    they're tribes not Islam.
    They like the music but
    not where it came from.
    70/30 is not colonialism.
    Globalization and this
    capitalist church we
    live in is the big guys
    are screwing the little
    guys and it comes
    down to the little guys
    doing something about
    it or getting screwed.

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