August 12, 2022

22 thoughts on “Things to know before Moving to IRELAND

  1. Hello there! Great video! I would like to stay in ireland with my girlfriend and i have some questions! Im dietitian and cook, i would like to work as a cook! My girlfriend is in food science! Is a good choice the Limerick? Could we find there a job?

  2. Just asking but as England was the colonial power in Nigeria in past times..I just wonder why Nigerians come here ,anyone?'re welcome of course,just wondering

  3. But you didn't answer the biggest question of all which is what is it like being a person of color in Ireland. We know it's not that common are they generally friendly or not

  4. Hi lm from Botswana and I want to move to Ireland I need info about the country where to live ,accommodation jobs, salary and a safe place to live as a foreigner thank you

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