September 19, 2021

25 thoughts on “Things You Must Know Before Repatriating To Africa In 2021

  1. Very thoughtful and powerful message. As a Sierra Leonean I always tell people to leave the superiority complex behind and come with an open mind, that way you will get to know us much better. But if you come pretending that you are better than us because you are from the illusion, you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. We have our ways as African born on the continent, and we have our perception about the west like you have your perception about us, therefore the only way to combat that and have a common ground is to have genuine conversation and open mind like our brother mentioned. Very insightful message

  2. I saw you text about south Africa, Something is seriously wrong mentally with those poor people , How can they allow some chinese woman who wasn't even born in south Africa to be a member of parliament, that could never happen in china,how many black faces do you see in the CHINESE political structure. But it will change, AFRICAN FOR AFRICANS.

  3. @Afrakan Pickiney , thanks for the heads up , before I come to the Gambia .

    Brotha , you pretty much summed it up in your video message . For me, I don't want to relocate to mother Africa with a Western mindset . There are bad habits I want to let go before I come to mother Africa .

    There is Western knowledge I need to let go , so I can embrace the teachings of my African ancestors. I am prepping myself before my exodus out of Babylon to mother Africa .

    Yes brotha , I seen YouTube videos of black brothas & sistas relocating to Africa with a European Western mindset in Africa , I can see how it won't work in mother Africa .

    Its my goal to connect with the locals , and invest in the countries of my African ancestors.

    Big up to you my brotha …. Dope video . You and your wife got the right mindset to live in Africa . I wish you the best on your journey .

  4. Wise counsel AP. We need to call out the folks who are going the wrong way. I don't believe Africa is for everyone. Many here in the states should not go because our minds and souls are not ready.

  5. Hotep Family Grand Rising 1LUV know thy self and thy Creator with in you MUCH RESPECT IRE 1LUV true dat
    Bermuda in the House Melinated FAMILY knowledge is Power and KNOWING And SHARING
    your Journey Continue through out the MOTHER LAND/ ALCUBULIAN BLESS UP ONE LUV

  6. Brother, excellent!!! Yes we are African and Africa is our ancestral home but we were born in the west and no one should go into a person's home and impose their way upon them but be humble, respectable and accepting of the person's rules and laws and way of life. Collaborate to improve. My advice is if you cannot do that, then stay away and let the person continue to live and enjoy their peace and their way of life in their domain!!!

  7. What we need to do is respect and understand each other's cultures, cause if your constantly around people who don't get where your coming from, your sense of humour, the way you talk, pan Africanism, you tend to gravitate towards people who understand. Its nothing malicious it's just a gravitation. So if the diaspora and Afrikans can just get together once in a while, and learn each other. We will slowly understand and come together. But it's not going to be immediate. Some type of monthly festival or something like that.

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