July 6, 2022

37 thoughts on “This African Man Refused to Join the Ukraine Russia War Watch his Honest Reaction

  1. Smart African man refuses to fight for another country . Stupid ass westerners applying to go die for another country they didn't even know about before.

  2. If you get benefits from any country, not native to you and refuse to fight, then go back to your home country. In other words I feel this man is a selfish leech.

  3. Now, you know you have to fight to Save those "Blue Eyed Blondes!"
    No, this is not Africa's Fight! They sure didn't think about you when they were putting you off of the Trains or not allowing you to get on! I still cannot forget the Video of them putting the young African Women off the Train to give her Seat to a white woman? And, Africans are supposed to Fight for Ukraine? Please!

  4. I can understand what he means thinking that they would be used like canon fodder but I wish you gave us more content concerning who wanted them to go to Ukraine and who specifically wanted them to go. Thanx

  5. It's one thing for a foreigner to volunteer to fight for your country. But a whole different ball o' wax to DEMAND that a foreigner; worse yetl, a foreign refugee pick up arms on your behalf WHILE DENYING THEM EXIT simply based on the color of their skin…(Sometimes I think this is a disease they have.) this is maddeninly unconscionable.

  6. The colonialist is alive and well all Africans states look what they did to Gaddafi when he said no Yankee
    Dollars 15000 woman and children slaughtered Castrated on television CLINTON &OBAMA icame I saw I killed
    NORTH Atlantic Terrorist Organisation NATO INVOLVED See when go European countries your classed a 2nd class citizen
    Australians destroyed a 700000yr old nation in 10 yrs 15 languages Africans get Asia to help Like the red Indians
    Says Yankee speak with fork toungue

  7. Zelensky and Ukrainians push Africans off there Trains.. Zelensky and Ukrainians are Heters.. They carry out hate crimes against Africans in UK rain and all European support that..

  8. So true ! I spoke a indian man who want too fight for Russia,
    He will die first, becouse they
    put him at the front, so less Russians will die !
    Still I think Nato must fight against the Russians.
    There are to manny civilian victims. But they do nothing!
    Speaking about black people,
    Remember the Nigeriaans who were pushed of the train ?
    The same people want you to fight for them ?
    I am a DUTCH man🇳🇱, .but the only see a black foreiger .

  9. #Our Ancestors are buried in Africa and as Africans this is the call to stay in Africa from now on, no tourism, no travelling to schools, no attending conferences, #Stay in Africa!

    This is a lesson for us as Africans,
    I bet they would never ask an American or British or other nationalities to fight for Ukraine right.

    This is a sign of how we aren't respected and what we need to do really is to stay in Africa, let's 🛑 stop engaging with the rest of the world, we can engage with our fellow black people in the Diaspora only.

    It has never brought us anything but trouble and actually we are probably worse off even now for it so we have nothing to lose.

    #Africans staying in Africa 2022

  10. one thing is sure, the African refusing understandably to take part in the ukrainian conflict isn't a congolese man. my guess? nigerian, ghanaan..

  11. And Ukraine and the rest of the world wonder why Ukranian civilians are getting killed when there own leaders demands them to fight and the Russians know this and now they are the menu

  12. Bien sûr mais dites moi qui serait assez fou pour aller donner sa vie pourquoi ou pour qui? Pour les intérêts de l Amérique ? Ou de l Europe ou même de l Ukraine ?! Il n' y a que zelenski pour être assez fou pour croire ça que des combattants du monde entier iront combattre pour libérer l Ukraine de la Russie !

  13. Nice one 😊 and funny .
    I think africa should help russia, usa have their dirty viru makin labb in eukrain ,russia shut usa mouth becau usa is makin all thi viru ,billl gat is the fron soldie for the one perrcen ,tge one perrcen wannt to reduceed worldd populatio

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