October 20, 2021

50 thoughts on “This Is How Black Women Are Used To Destroy Black People| Biological Warfare

  1. Mashallah sis, you totally get it. I love you and what you are doing for the sake of Allah and righteousness! May you continúe to be blessed in both this world and the hereafter. Peace to you.

  2. Trolls… And we know who they are… come to everybody's channel and say the sound is going in and out. Keep flowing and trust your mods to tell you when something is wrong. Only exception is when several of your listeners are saying the same thing. Peace Sistah

  3. You are hitting on such an important issue to understand. The sacredness of sex for both parties. Sex as a divine gift that when not understood or abused leads to unending confusion and suffering. The ancient Egyptians saw sex as a path to the Godhead. Today, oh how we have fallen.

  4. Imagine doubt in a man if he can't trust his very vessel to be true to her own self! And not lie about who seed she actually gives birth to. I always tell woman the double standard men vs woman who cheat. Man cheats a woman has every right to leave him. But indeed that man has the possibility of giving another woman, a child outside the marriage. V's a woman cheating inside the marriage and becomes pregnant by another man. Woman always asks why can't men just forgive her? And they always say it's the same responsibility. Nope! Not to a man. Now saying this we black men have a lot of growing up to do! But the season for this is our black mother's not allowing this! Two ways keeping the father from his child. And giving orders like she's the father. Soon enough a son challenges his father that's when black men stop having respect for black woman. And don't get me started on nurture versus nature

  5. Oh my Kendra: at the 26 minute mark you exposed Candice Owens, Megan Markle, Serena Williams, Kamala and so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so many more women that is so called women of color! Proud and independent they say, you mean bed broken and utterly defeated 😞 in plain sight

  6. In my opinion the baby is the sperm because the sperm goes inside the egg. If the sperm wasn't the baby itself then the sperm and the egg would morph together. I think the woman adds a little something to it

  7. Please Sister Kendra start an Academy for Young Girls I look forward to that happening I think you will have no problem finding enough funding for that…peace…

  8. Ms Kendra , you endure the shame and insults metered out but you do not give an inch in fact you go harder . I salute you and thank you for taking one for the team . 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  9. So many good points much appreciated

    So quick story time I used to play bass guitar for an af am Methodist church. In the third year they replaced the male pastor with a female dreadlocked pastor – some late sixties years old.

    There was once a sermon where the long and short of her summary was re thinking the story of jezebel – in that basically jezebel actually somehow was doing something good, or in some way was misinterpreted as a wrong doer yet is rather a "queen". Then the pastor led a "queen march" around the church at the end.

    I was fired 3 months later by she and the fruit booting music minister for lack of attendance…

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