November 28, 2021

49 thoughts on “This Is How Black Women Destroy The Black Man's Image

  1. More like "Crimson Needs a Cure". Pathetic!!!!! Maybe eventually you'll have enough money to stop selling your sisters out !!!!! It seems like you've blamed Black women for everything. You yourself are an example of a loudmouth ignorant self hating individual. Thank God most Black women are not like you.Your mother must have truly set a bad example of Black women for you………. because otherwise how…………??????

  2. As a criminal defense attorney I can definitely vouch for what is said. In NY state, at arraignment (the beginning of the court case but after arrest and booking), there's automatically an order of protection issued. So if a man comunicates at all with the woman, even answering her phone call, it's felony contempt of court, an additional charge often worse that the originally charge. The order of protection is issued regardless of whether he's accused of actual domestic violence (ie assault) or a property crime such as breaking/taking her phone, which is charged as criminal mischief/larceny respectively. It all goes to the "domestic violence" court part.

  3. I don't buy shoes anymore. She'll walk out with a pair of them on. Personal experience. Fly shoes too. Everywhere. White Black Asian Latina women would say nice n where'd you get them

  4. In the court system. Civil, criminal or family court. It doesn't matter what a man says when the complainant is a black woman. She there giving them what they need to hang a black man. That's all the court cares about. Then a black daughter is going to do it to her son when he grown. She doesn't think about that part.

  5. This is so true… I've experienced this first hand…I have one thing on my record in life and it's a lie from a black female and she smiled at me in court because the black female judge believed her …

  6. This is very true, most of our black women try to use the system to destroy the black men's image, but the brothers with the good jobs escape the system and the American black sisters by seeking better treatment and respect of the black male patriarch role model by going to Brazil. The black man is highly respected as the leader of the family. The American family is gone with the wind, and will come back till the Most High return. My advice to the black man is to leave America to start a family, but show respect to all black sisters regardless of the Willie Lynch frame of mind.

  7. Omg this makes sense. I have notice them abort a good man baby and have 5 kids by a no good man. The only time she will have a nice guys baby if she need help financially. Now im sick to my stomach.

  8. She is not lying. Alot of LSP have distain for black people. Alot of us are in positions to open doors for black people but will open doors for other cultures and other races. Many LSM are in judicial system and writing laws passing bills that specificly targets dsbm. Vice versa for lsw. Many times lsp will use education against DSP in America and push narratives that black people are lazy good for nothing breeders. I'ma a light skin man and who been trying to tell black people stop with their colorist rant on LSP. When most LSP are born from DSP.

  9. If a woman puts her hands on you and you do nothing she is going to have zero respect for you.But if you check her she is going to tell everyone that you are abusive, and might even get some simp to kill you.

  10. This is why I trust and believe the Most High has been blessing us as black men with all this attention from other races allowing us to have some sort of way to heal and have peace. It’s written in The Word that He will never put more on you then you can handle and TBH most of our women are too much for a BM to handle. We are only flesh and blood.

  11. I thank the Almighty that he blessed me with a Masculine Dad, a Mom who encouraged my Growth as a Man and person, Brothers who are also Masculine as can be, and many Male and Female Mentors who supported my Growth and not tear me down. I also always had a backbone to fight against the Emasculation and efemenization.

  12. Yall simps hear that? No man with true masculinity will ever subject himself under the leadership of a woman. A woman is telling yall the truth of this but yall so desperate and jockeying for position thinking simping is gon get yall more of the cookie. Sorry asses.

  13. I absolutely LOVE YOU! That breakdown you did on false domestic violence allegations was my life in my early 20s and I hate how almost NOBODY, no Pastor, no Reverend, no Bishop, no Imam or Minister has the testicular OR ovarian fortitude to address it!

  14. When my son mother took me for child support. She agreed in court that I took care of my son. The judge told me, now that you will be paying child support you don’t have to do anything else. I was paying close to $800 a month for one child in middle school. They can take you at anytime doesn’t matter

  15. Before I got married, I use to ask black woman this question (my experience). If we don’t workout and ur with my child, how do would you like to co-parent. 90% would say I’m going to court for child support.

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