December 1, 2021

31 thoughts on “This Is How Black Women Use Education Against Black Men

  1. It saddens me that they're not a lot wise Black women like you in these crucial times Sister Davis you spoke with kind wisdom and as a blue collar security officer I fully understand it.

  2. Went to visit my daughter at her school because her mom would play them you can't come to my house games with me. The principal at her school called me in her office and asked do I touch my daughter sexually? I was hot but I just calmly responded know. My daughter comes to the office, sees me and gives me a great hug. And I'm looking at the principal like does that look like I touch my daughter. Then she whispers in another personnel's ear something about me. The hate is real for a B.M. trying be a father to their child.

  3. I can remember when I was attending Technical College in the late 80s and early 90s black men in this nation were in College in large numbers more than Black women. that was 30 years ago. now up to the present Black men are almost none existent in these Colleges. what in the hell happened?

  4. This is why more Black men should realize how much the cards are tacked against us! Because from this video, we not only have to worry about the system trying to do us in, but our own Black women! Black men have to start to take education more seriously so we can combat this genocide among us! Because as Kendra said, instead of Black women trying to use education for us, they're using it AGAINST us which is EXACTLY what this society wants! And more Black parents who have sons need to start taking a more active role in their sons' education! And also put a limit to listening to all this hip hop and gangster rap which is a subtle form of a pipeline to into the the prison system! And Brothers need to really check these women out with a fine tooth comb before they get into anything serious! And because of some of these reasons, that's why over the last 30 maybe 40 years, many Black men have been seeking out other races of women.

  5. Indeed. Psalms 82
    "How long will u judge unjustly
    and show partiality to the wicked"?…

    Quran:"How do u know ALLAH will not destroy your enemies then make u ruler in the land. Then we will see how u will act?"….

    Power shows us what
    is in one's heart man or woman.

    Thank you for your thoughts words


  6. This is in accurate information . Most of them do not enter into family law because there is no money in it . Seeing as though law school is also linked to the accumulation of student loan debt , that would be a stupid venue to get into . Majority actually get into personal injury or attempt to get into corporate law . Where are you getting your information from besides baseless opinions ?

  7. This is a load of Blk male worship. What is even the point? All I hear is that blk men are weak and easily overcome and destroyed. The whole message just sounds like every and ANYBODY can ben blk over and slap him around. And the whole focus is about young 18 and 19 year old girls going to school??? This is laughable and just further shows how pointless our men are becoming. 🙄 BY THEIR OWN DOING!

  8. Let's not leave out someone else that's at war with black men….black men. Just look at your local news. Just because a black woman wants and goes to college is not an indictment on her that she's at war with the black man. Is she suppose to curb her intelligence and not take advantage of smartness? Or is this an indictment on black men who feels insecure that his woman is outpacing him?

  9. Honestly the reason why this Man mentioned in the video turned out his light in this world? Because prison time leaves it is like your are in stagnant water time people and technology moves forward. You are free but the court of public opinion is now judging you even after being exonerated of all charges. Sir or Ma'am do not let your past become a burden. Sir or Ma'am move forward if you can not seek council Clergy close friend or psychiatrist. Someone is happy you are still here and glad to see your face be encouraged my Brother or Sister😊.

  10. They’re our ally when we’re all at the bottom. THE MINUTE they get ANY kind of job with status, they look down on us and seek out every opportunity to make us grovel. Whether it be at home or the work place.

  11. Shit during covid a black social worker denied me ihss providership over my grandmother and didn't even come in to do the home visit. I appealed and was granted rights in a hearing but its the fact that I know plenty of women who are doing elder Care and splitting the check with the so-called elder who supposedly "can't" take care of themselves when many times those same elders can walk cook go to work and school etc… They let them get away with the scam while black men struggle trying to do it right/correctly….smdh

  12. A bunch of black men would be out if black men were judges! For the white man to put a black man in the judges seat is like appointing Moses and Samuel! That’s way too much power for white supremacy to give to a black man!

  13. Educated or uneducated black sisters have never been a threat to white supremacy…..Many are used as a buffer or to exclude black men from accessing post of authority and management….I am an HBCU product and I've observed arrogant and elitist sisters who are always focusing on their sorors and degree attainment….Some are independent and are connected to the Black Community despite personal achievements….

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