November 28, 2021

20 thoughts on “"This Is Very Serious, We're In Trouble" | Elon Musk (2021)

  1. The power of science is in the wrong hands for purely egoistical purposes… A bioweapon is being used against humans by humans …who is in power to stop this and is doing nothing is also responsible and unreliable.

  2. ELON is one of the smartest people on this planet. He is beyond petty emotions – just as is any intelligent person, even trapped by their emotions/humanity. But what is interesting is how the rabble attack him in classic "teardown" attack technique. After all, it has destroyed the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, without firing a shot. Simply follow the brilliant political methodology of the "Left" , so brilliantly written by the recent Russian anarchists of the "Communist"?? Party. Since I began "studying" Elon, I've understood that even he can be "shredded" by the Left so effectively. SO, as it seems that I wont now be setting out to recover and save the West after all. :-{ If even Elon can be targeted and the rabble can be roused – not to a noble sane cause, but to attacking him for the pitch against HIM being "different". He is. He is absolutely brilliant,

  3. Now I know why Elon has been speaking out about how dangerous A.I. potentially is.
    This is how he going to push his implantable chip in the brain! I just got it!!!!!!!
    He will tell people look we've got to get on the same level with A.I. or they will takeover and inslave us. I think he may even have good intentions but I can tell you it will turn lout to be the worst decision a human can make. You see I know the truth and the future by a little old book called the Bible. Im certain that these people whom take this brain chip will be the ones in revelation whom beg to die and death ceases from them for 5 months!

  4. What if I told you that its happening now. You don't even know it. The AI is doing its job now. Some are waking up and seeing it but most are going with the flow. Disturbing reality. Sorry

  5. I volunteer for the implant because my dad had Parkinson’s and my doctor told me that I have early symptoms of dementia. I am a 66 year old AirForce disabled veteran

  6. He knows fuk all he gets told wat to say , Tesla is shite it’s baby compared to china’s electric car everything is better in China but America make out ther no 1 , elon = bumsniffer

  7. Used for the good???
    Don't trust government..
    Robots humanoids
    Technology that will take place of people in many different jobs..
    Check out the Technology that is available building box homes,
    Cars that drive themselves delivery
    Construction truck driver's it's much bigger than we no what they are planning for our country..
    Trust Elon Musk .. he can't tell us what is really going on right now..
    Geo engineering weather conditions created disaster aren't natural we are witnessing strange stuff fires out of control SEED CLOUDING Check that out.
    we are in big trouble if we don't speak out about this..
    Biden has lower c20 blocks the sunlight geo engineering SEED CLOUDING is happening these storms disaster man-made
    Why they won't be honest with us that's what is scary unknown when we can see what has been happening..

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