December 7, 2021

28 thoughts on “This Is What Rainy Season Looks Like In The Gambia

  1. Iโ€™m in Gambia since Last year October Iโ€™ve been coming for the last seven years Iโ€™ve heard about Afrakam Pinckney I havefour business now I am also in the process of some contract making eco-stabilise earth blocks if you are interested in what Iโ€™m doing and would like to visit our company to show that others that, here can be Successful here in the Gambia I am quite willing to share my experience.

  2. Can only say to you, watch where you drive when July begins, even with a 4w drive the unpaved roads are a challenge. Enjoy it but don't get stuck in the pools that form in these unpaved roads.

  3. I love this. Rain is more than just beautiful, its cleansing, nourishing and relaxing to humans and the environment. So soothing. I often fall asleep listening to videos of different rain sounds. Thank you for posting.

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