September 17, 2021

46 thoughts on “This Is Why Africans In The Diaspora Must Move To Africa!

  1. Forty one years that I went to 🇬🇭and it uplifted me totally without fear nor favour. I didn’t see no Tarzan or famine but schools, homes, hotels, markets, clinics and the sports stadiums. Man oh man our streets of Accra so busy. Mama Africa is calling her children home. Big up to you Brother Nappie

  2. Afrika to me is my Spiritual Ancestral home. Afrikans in the Diaspora need to go back to the Motherland. Afrika is for Afrikans. We need to leave America. All of the racism and discrimination is hell on earth. The West is Evil. Afrikans in America, The Caribbean, South America, Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Europe should go home to Afrika. Alkebulan has Everything. It's a Spiritual Journey for any Afrikan Man or Woman. I feel that the Air in Afrika is Naturally Fresh and Beautiful.

  3. He mentioned The Celebration of Coming Home to Ghana 2019. Is there any content on How to prepare for the return Back To Our Mother Country? Like Contacts for an affordable Homes, mean aprox Cost for a 3 bedroom Home. (Even though the person being interview home looks like a Baby Mansion) How to I apply for dual citizenship? Jobs, etc? Hope to hear back 🍀🌞

  4. Nappy so many of our people that have been dubbed as AFRICAN AMERICANS still have so very much about their selves to discover, you see we are NOT PURE AFRICAN IN THE SENSE OF OUR DNA we are a MIXED RACE PEOPLE DESPITE WHAT GARBAGE THE SLAVE MASTERS 1 DROP 💧 POLICIES HAVE CLAIMED with a variety of over several nationalities for some that's flowing through our veins take for instance right now just how many of our people have missed out on ground breaking opportunities all based around what they haven't known & this is just a snippet of a discussion right here on very a significant settlement that many could have missed out on "The United States Government was very fearful that more Native Indians (also known as ‘Colored’, ‘Negro’, ‘Black’ or blank, meaning no race mentioned, on their birth certificates) will discover their true history and bloodline heritage, and that they will be forced to grant them all reparations and land.

    So the US silently declared a deadline of December 31st 2014, for those people to make land claims and identity claims. Even though the deadline has passed, there are thousands of Native Indians still winning settlements through the US Supreme Court and most commonly through the United Nations courts. So DO NOT give up your fight, because where there’s a will, there is a way!" the article titled : 98% OF AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE IN FACT NATIVE INDIANS AND ARE OWED MILLIONS & why is this important I'll tell you why because of this :" WHITE IMMIGRANTS ($5 INDIANS) STOLE MONEY AND LAND FROM INDIGENOUS ABORIGINALS NOW OWED TO THEIR DESCENDANTS CALLED “AFRICAN-AMERICANS” another article you see they have this thing called 5$ Indians where people have went & pretended to have ancestral ties to Indian tribes reaping full benefits & claims to this lineage when from many they have no Indian DNA in them all or if they do its minimal at best where meanwhile most of the so called African Americans have significant quantities coming from both sides the the maternal as well as paternal lineage okay whose went out & reaped nothing because they've known absolutely nothing about it although it was passed along throughout their generations but then quickly disregarded because they've had little verification to none & then it was inevitably dismissed as some sort of a myth but nappy for many of them it's been no myth because this was a part of their ancestry & everything matters especially when done beyond control there must be libilty for the purposes of true equality to reign once & for all so we as a people have to learn to start embracing everything meaning everything that's in us ultimately following the understanding that the most high has given us that makes senses which is that we are ISRAELITES & though our people migrated in & about & all throughout Africa just like many Africans we to shall define ourselves by TRIBE & for us that would be the tribes we attach to scripturaly which our people would understand if they put more time & more research into understanding these things then they've put into running around seeing what nation of people they can align themselves to purely for beneficial self gain purposes only… I am happy for my people nappy but they MUST TRULY KNOW & UNDERSTAND WHO THEY ARE & once that's been accomplished then if their desire is to still come to Africa THEN SO BE IT! but to forsake everything to run over into Africa EMBRACING ANY & EVERYTHING ISN'T GOING TO HELP THEM ESPECIALLY WHERE THE MOST HIGH IS Concerned which our people were taught a severe lesson in behind & Africans are still calling on various God's undergoing rituals & embracing shrines & occult life now do you think that many can come here & steer clear of that only time would tell just like the 400 year return event's how many were there nappy that came to Ghana & called upon the spirits instead of the most high 🤨 there were certain events they were suppose to obtain from as did others of us actively upholding our faith & our way of life coming to Africa is not to come & become more lost then you were before you left but to come inspire & uplift in a devine creator that's on the way they should really seek out who they are & embrace it as best they can & all that it ENTITLES & OWES TO THEM that way when leaving it will truly have been without regret as we all know that the racist don't want to GIVE THEM ANYTHING AS IS & THEY QUICK & READY AS WE'VE SEEN & BEEN SHOWN TO STEP IN & CLAIM EVERYTHING FROM IDENTIES TO MILLIONS OF ACRES OF LAND RIGHTS TO THE LOOTED WEALTH ALL THE WAY TO PAYING FOR THE RIGHTS POSSIBLY MANY OUR PEOPLES BIRTHRIGHTS BY DNA HENCE THE SAYING AGAIN $5 DOLLAR FAKE INDIANS 😢 THEY SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS & REALLY KNOW WHO THEY ARE & WHAT THESE SLAVE TRADE DISASTERS HAVE LEFT THEM ENTITLED TO & CLAIM ALL THAT THEY CAN & IF THEY STILL WANT TO RESIDE IN AFRICA OR COME & STILL FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS FROM ABROAD OR FOREGO IT ALL THEN IT WILL HAVE BEEN FAIR TO THEM & A TRIP THAT THEY JUST TRULY WANTED TO TAKE WHICH WOULD LEAVE NO REGRETS…SHALOM ✊🏿

  5. I love Dr. Malachi Yorks books. I have read many of them over the last six months. What a pleasure to see his son. And I am moving to Ghana 2020 along with a group of friends.

  6. There are so many 'walls' not even fences around homes, so-called compounds w huge gates makes one feel that you're not safe. How do you see your neighbor or outside? It's somewhat isolating.

  7. I've got 2 questions for you…in appearing that you have a lot of money is crime targeted at you a concern for example, kidnapping and robberies? I've heard that a lot of people in Africa think that if you are a foreigner that you automatically are rich. Second question is internet speed…has their been any improvements in the speed of internet?

  8. Thanks for a great interview. Lots of information there. Many are getting used to the idea of moving back to the homeland, away from all that stress and discrimination.

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