December 1, 2021

36 thoughts on “This Is Why Black Women Are Not Pro Black

  1. if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  2. First of all, we have to understand female nature, meaning women are wired to respect men in position of power, and that explains why black women has submitted to the oppressor ! The generational curse will not end until this feminist matriarchal and LGBT society has been completed eradicated and women are held accountable for their degenerate decisions.

  3. Don’t come on here justifying dating outside the race. My son is dating outside the race and it’s been the worse thing ever. We never see him and she blocks any interaction with his family including his younger brothers. My spouse works at a large institution in Atlanta and the things Karen does shows me the grass ain’t greener. I’ve been living in the largest wealthiest suburb in metro Atlanta since the 80’s so you can’t lie to me.

    It’s gynocentric female behavior supported by the government period.

  4. Truth 2b told why would black females grown to be pro black .when their are no black women/girls…when she needs to learn to be Afro-American ….black was made to fight white …. Black was made to hate black….Im not a black man no more…Im Afro-American and not chess piece….ijs peace …Sfop being a color and be a race….black not Afro…. Believe that….peace …i hear you tho….jtmoney1974

  5. at this rate any black man who claims to be pro-black is a fool. You just put a target on your back for these bw who can not be trusted. I stoped caring about being pro-black years ago. Life became so much better since I realized who is really against me.

  6. 1. Another awesome video, and this is the second video of you I have seen
    2. To those women who are pro black and hate black men, ask them can a black man be bro black and hate black women

  7. Greetings ,I find much of your commentary to be quite insightful. However with all due respect it's Not the black women who openly voice their negative feelings and opinions about black men. But rather it's the more sinister group of black women who speak of their love for black men while they Secretly harbor nothing but contempt for black men and have nothing but disdain for any black man who not only asserts ethical leadership over his family but also in his community.

  8. Starting with our hair.. I remember my hair being destroyed with a perm by my mom . She didn't like my hair. Until the perm. I wasn't impressed but it made her happy. So I accepted it.

  9. The tormentor after hundreds of years of bloodshed on the EUROPEAN CONTINENT wanted to unite behind a common enemy thus the racial designation black ⚫….so why do you people cling to that false racial designation?

  10. Here's a harsh reality – idc if blk women or blk men don't like it: blk "community" as a collective BARELY currently exist & is about to cease to exist. As many blk women/men who are doing the work to break the cultural curse that exists, it will always be the minority #. KS talks about only needed 10% of the population to do the work for "significant" change to happen but not overall. The pocket of the best blk men/women need to be prepared to separate from the pack for good, I have. Unfortunately, you can't save everybody and everybody doesn't want to be saved

  11. As a person who has worked in the field of mental health, so many of those 'happy homes' are facades. Black women and girls faced countless amounts of sexual abuse at the hands of black men, even black male family members. The calling of police and the court system is needed. A black woman should never spare a black man who has done her wrong or has done any type of wrong under any circumstances. I have never supported the ideal of not get the court system or police involved.

  12. Let me be very clear with what I am about to say, I absolutely and only love black women but I absolutely refuse to date them which leaves me in a very odd situation! I don't refuse to date them because I dislike them or find them unattractive it is actually the total opposite because I absolutely love them and how they look I just absolutely despise what they have allowed themselves to become and what they have allowed Society to tell them they should do and how we should be treated!!!

  13. Yep. I saw that video on Teaurean's yt channel a couple of mouths ago.
    Bw were in the comment section saying they're determined to be pro-blk & hate bm.
    They were even wishing death on us.
    It was also gay-bm & lgtbq & alot of non-blk people (asian's, hispanic's, & white's) saying they would join bw in being pro-blk & hating bm…
    As bm we truly don't have any friends.
    All we have is TMH.
    The world is in confederacy against us, & bw are the ring leaders spearheading their movement.

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