October 21, 2021

35 thoughts on “This Is Why Black Women Can't Blame Black Men For Thot Culture

  1. If you don't stand for something! You'll always fall for anything! They've been falling for the enemies tricks! They don't pay attention to it. It's all a type of programming an manipulation. This culture has declined to a devolved state.

  2. That's another thing we have to deal with is honesty cuz with some women they're not honest at all but if she strate toll me the truth about her promiscuity then I would appreciate the honesty and treat the situation as such but a lot of women are not even honest at all at least if she told me the truth then I couldn't say I didn't know she was a whole and I would know what type move to make accordingly

  3. Stop slut shaming. If you shame women, you better shame men. Paul in the Bible told the Corinthians when they were going to the prostitutes, Don’t you know that your body IS the temple of the Holy Spirit.
    He didn’t draw attention to their sin, he drew attention to their righteousness that they still have in Christ. Each sex goes through growth. Good or bad. This world only shames women and uplifts men for their sexuality. Paul was speaking to both sexes. Quit shaming only women. It’s the same thing (in the Bible) when two were committing adultery and they only brought the women to Jesus. It’s the same way now. How do you expect the women to get out of their sin. It’s not giving her more shame. It’s reminding her of who she is in Christ. You really are telling women you are only who men say you are. Women who are confused, know that the IS for your body is the To know it’s the temple of the Holy Spirit. And looking to a man for your self worth is just a distraction.

  4. shout out my sexy, twerking, makeup wearing intelligent black women who value masculinity and don't have to dance "classfully" at the belles ball that didn't want them there anyway. that woke up in the morning red eye don't' cut it when we messing with white women, so you know how real brothers do. When we go out, we show out. classy sexy and fun as hell at the end of the night. If you want a modest brother acting modestly, say that

  5. Check this out just today, Kevin Samuels had a 50yr old women with a teen age daughter asking dating advice..All those years gone by you would think she would know something. Cryin about her past relationships and how careful she has to be. This is what our society has come to.

  6. Man…Will you sleep with me for a million dollars.
    Man…Here's five dollars
    Woman…I'm not a prostitute
    Man…We established that you are,it's now a matter of price.
    "You don't know value just your price"

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