December 7, 2021

29 thoughts on “This Is Why Black Women Don't Deserve Children

  1. I agree with you one hundred . I think the initial reason was the boy reminded her the boy had become too much like his daddy . Remember the father wasn't with the mother . Nothing was shared why they weren't a couple . I think the parents separation wasn't on the best of terms . I think the mother was bitter from the break up and the son suffered child abuse until death . This is my perspective .

  2. I literally love you girl I'm a brother this my BM phone I wish she listens to you so when I leave her she got some truth and power because I can't give it to her or shall I say she won't accept it from me. God bless us all . I love you. Pray for my babies cause what you said is real.

  3. As bm we need to get together & start suing this government over thing's like this too Bw wouldn't just be able to steal our seed's if this government wasn't helping them to do it If we was able to correct our women & children she would have never did that knowing she have to face one of us The wm/government reward them for thing's like this with abortion or if they marginalize our plight like blm black female's get 10 billion from Goldman Asian got a new law & gay's too while bm & black boy's got nothing & black females didn't care that their son didn't get anything ether even thought they use our death to get the money

  4. I remember one time my mother was whopping my ass the beating was brutal I remember when she said I can do anything I want to you you're MY child I could even kill you if I want to I made you

  5. But aren't we the same group of people who frown against abortions and adoptions. Honestly, we need to open our minds. I'm not saying I'm all for abortions. But alot of this could be avoided if we stop shaming women we know are unfit to mother into becoming mothers. We the same ones that say we'll you didn't use protection etc so u gotta "deal" with the consequences as if a child is a burden. When we should advocate for women and the chooses that have other than bringing a child to term that they don't even want only to later abuse or kill them. Of course this isn't all cases but I believe it's in the majority.

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