December 1, 2021

48 thoughts on “This Is Why Black Women Need To Stop Wh*re Culture

  1. Her father was like the good man a woman gets and asks where are you going what are you doing in which they would say he's being controlling when in all actuality he was asking to save you from things like this

  2. Money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Loving money will make you sell your soul. Be please wake up. Stop selling yourself. It is a wicked and deviant lifestyle.

  3. If you don’t want to man …. leave him alone. Don’t take anything from him including his time, resources or his attention. Leave him alone. It is better and safer that way.

  4. I work in law ENFORCEMENT. I read information stating a man posted to a suppose to be orchestrated Cartel, tell a potential client, you wasting our time not wanting services from her…🙄… so the client called our department filing terroristic threatening report, cause he got spooked after he Dmd the potential Client a poc of a BW with lacerations on her back. 🙄😳. Quit simping and get a wife what I thought reading this. These clients involved get what they deserve.

  5. I once told a woman on social media stop posting all those provacative photos. She said something smart I can't remember what it was. About a year later she was posting a picture of some dude saying the dude was going to rape her. My response to her was I told your ass earlier to stop posting all those provocative pictures then she wanted to cuss me out like I was doing something wrong. You just can't help the sheep.

  6. Years ago she had a backpage and was traveling she traveled to florida and met dude was only in florida for 4 days they stayed in contact allegedly he just paid her car note and insurance he said he was going to be working in houston so she gave him her address to hookup heard from other youtube channel dude sounded like he knew what it was

  7. We need more women addressing women who embrace whore culture cause God knows men can't without being accused of being everything besides just caring enough to want to protect them, they perceive men telling them to do better as trying to control them. I don't even bother to do so anymore, their refusal to hear & twisting my intents has worn me down.

  8. Strong strong black sister talking that real talk that's that real talk right there not a lot of people probably can't even hear that real talk cuz you ain't real I want to give my condolences to the dad and the family I'm a father of five girls I can just imagine what he was going through I was on my girls the same way he was on her every step of the way

  9. If this was my Dauther I would’ve went on a killing spree of this guys whole family she made the wrong decision this guy looks like He has scud missiles and bombs strap on him what was this Beautiful Sista Thinking RIP🙏🏾

  10. While I agree with this let me say many are making assumptions on what they don't know. This girl may not have been involved with this man AT ALL. He could have found her. And though folks are saying "How?" it's really not hard if you are on Social Media. Anyone with a channel, or any type of social media anything can be found. As far as no forced entry, it could be that he knocked and she opened the door. Which happens. We open the door for delivery people all the time. She probably thought he was just some delivery guy.

  11. You just called another BLACK woman a Wh*re in your title… oops.. I mean Wh*re culture. Research shows it wasn't black women who started sexual favors for monetary gain. Your title should have not defined a race in particular but ALL women.

  12. Her Daddy is Stupid.. Instead of him turning around when he saw her body once he walked into the door he proceeded to walk thru The Apartment which was an Active Crime scene. Then his dumb behind got on the news running his mouth. Don't be surprised if they list the Father as a Suspect..

  13. Satan has a system that many men and women use daily that says there is nothing wrong with destroying yourself because most are doing it and looking and feeling good doing so

  14. POINT: Our beautiful sisters need to understand, These on line websites are the biggest predator haven of all time!!! Granted you are pretty, have glamour but the "WWW" thing is just a haven for monsters. They are out their with smiles and all. $$$$$ is the root of it all. We are a strong people but have been weaken with so much "TECHNOLOGY" it's out of control.

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