November 26, 2022

23 thoughts on “This Magical Africa Rain Dance Pleased the Rain Gods so Much it Ended a Drought

  1. What causes drought in nice regions of the planet like all of Africa? It is especially cow killing. According to the ancient Vedas, the cow is sacred and when we keep thousands of cows all economic problems are solved. And the rain comes regularly. In the northern countries where they have eight months of freezing cold climate, the reaction of killing mother cow is not so heavy but also there they have drought problems. So what is missing in Africa is agriculture that creates abundance of food for all the people.

  2. No, that is ballet, nothing to do with the culture of old Africa. The music in the video is not from ancient Africa is modern. Ballet is an expression of European orchestral music. People have started doing contemporary art nowadays in a cultural appropriation. The rain dance is also an ancient shamanic ritual performed in America. You can tell everything on the internet, but you can not change history. Greetings!

  3. واو لم اكن أعرف ان الرقص قي افريقيا يعتبر رقص ديني، انها امراة موهوبة ومذهلة

  4. Enjoyed the video, but not that big, big writing you insisted on putting on the screen. It took away from the difficult, sophisticated and very elegant dance. Thanks for hearing.

  5. SOUTH AFRICA …God Bless you

    Beautiful Woman Beautiful Dance❤

    Goodmorning ❤🖤💚PHILLY…The temperature dropped but its still a Beautiful morning as always..*Joy*
    We dance jump up and down we give hugs and we feel good about ourselves inside and out..We all know when we feel good about ourselves that we automatically send off Good vibes..We're all Naturally Beautiful from the start and we will be in the end Smile and release your Joy❤

    God Bless you All…💫

  6. A modern version no doubt, as the ballet positions tell ,and a beautiful adaptation. Native Americans also have a dance to bring the rain. Remember it is the intension of the dancer and the level of their spiritual awareness and development which is the actual cause for the rain …..the dance is to harness those energies of dedicated believers to multiply the power of the intension. Dance on my sistar, and thank you for the rain…. I am loving all that is and all that is not.

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