November 28, 2021

36 thoughts on “This “Queen of the Dark” Got Bullied And Is Now A Model

  1. I see how she didnt even have to feel any kinda way about her skin until she got to America. Our people's minds have been conditioned to self hate so deeply that it affects those around them. Same thing goes for a black woman's hair. Media/social brainwashing has got them afraid to leave the house with their natural grade of texture.

  2. That's a hella rude question to ask someone, anyone. Whatever happened to not saying anything unkind if you had nothing kind to say? If you are a cabbie (or Uber), shut up and drive!

    To me, Nyakim looks like a tribal person (or indigenous in American countries). I'm not seeing "black," even though she is dark skinned. Perhaps we should respect people's origins more and not assign them a poor identity in your likeness just to make your life easier to live and assimilate to.

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