September 16, 2021

44 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell on the Origins of Economic Disparities

  1. Brilliant, a peaceful productive society is a moral one. The same can be said about Governments; it takes moral citizens to have a just moral Government. I think one of our founders said something like that back in the day.

  2. Why aren’t there more Thomas Sowell-types?

    I don’t mean clones, or exact ideological copies, but simply a person who thinks critically and doesn’t blindly accept the narrative.

  3. So in the decade the progressives were able to get religion out of mainstream life is the time morality started to get worse. I wonder if there is any connection with those two. 18:30

  4. Thomas is 90 years old. He got his education at a time when jobs were plentiful. Politicians don't work for the working class. Their policies can't help but help the wealthy donors who put them in office.Who says that's the prevailing social vision of our time? That may have been his vision. 0:35 He was a Marxist when he was poor and only turned capitalist when he became successful. In both cases, he was of the mistaken perception that the working man could control the government. Today whites think blacks have taken over their government. Welfare and unemployment are apparently fine for white folks.

  5. This is a very strange interview. The interviewer is asking the guest questions about his work, and allowing the guest to explain himself thoroughly. Aren't these idiots worried the audience is going to understand the guest's ideas and true intentions?

  6. My ONLY point of contention with Dr. Sowell is with his contention that 1950's cars are less desirable than the garbage that they sell today. Except for maybe Toyota.
    Clearly, if 1950's cars are still running AND are easily repairable by their owners, why discount their quality compared to the automotive junk from the late 1970's until now?

  7. We all begin life as socialists, than you try to work with other people and gain experience and realize socialism only works by incentivizing personal gain through personal initiative. A business is a non democratic socialist structure, a strong leader incentivizes others to help them achieve a goal. And it works.

  8. I am trying to avoid being a mouthpiece of a political party and learning to genuinely think for myself. I have to say Thomas Sowell is being a great help.

  9. Every black intellectual loses me at this very point. You can be as accomplished as ever but you can't not erase history. Everything we have today even his ability to have accomplished the things he has -has been due to the sacrifices of faceless human beings who fought for change. Let's start with the one word patent-from Granville and Edison then go to MCJ walker and Mary Kay. Are there not families on both sides of the aisle where one is Still benefiting from the ideas of the other families relatives while that family on the other side is stiff in poverty or the income rat race! From grits to oatmeal recipes. Its sad really. All humans are created pretty equal but we are better than to make these arguments. Stop feeding the beast.

  10. Thank you to Peter Robinson and the Hoover institution for providing these interviews with Thomas Sowell. At the time that I am writing this, I will be around 23 years old, and I am glad I learned about this man at a relatively young age. The amount of knowledge Thomas has to share is amazing and life changing. I know Thomas is an old man now, but I hope god blesses him with many more years of life so he can continue spreading the wisdom he carries with him.

  11. 33:15 “Wealth inside the head cannot be confiscated.” But interesting that’s exactly what they’re trying to do today – Bill/Melinda Gates, Soros, big pharma projects, self-appointed parasitic “elites”, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, WEF, IMF, BIS, etc

  12. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty. I am going to sit with that for a minute while I watch the Biden Administration take office today. This talk will be the first ray of sunlight when America comes out of its sleep. It is not a matter that it will not happen but a matter that this exists when it does. I am going to buy these books and preserve them for the future. Thomas Sowell you say it with such Dignity. A Man who loves his Country his World and attests that a Human being following the intellect of rhetoric is its worst enemy. Never believe in the impossible because it is possible. I will not despair this morning but Pray. Thank you Thomas Sowell. Thank you God

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