September 22, 2023
Thoughts On Black Lives Matter

Had enough of keeping quiet about these situations and wanted to say it in a video. RIP to George Floyd, …


38 thoughts on “Thoughts On Black Lives Matter

  1. Like u say, some people will never learn hence 30 dislikes!!! Anyways I want to raise a point: We don't even know if Floyd did the forgery. I have been victim of receiving forged money in the past. I wasn't sure if I got it from that dodgy cash machine or the corner shop switched it to get rid of it and blamed me

  2. Cover ups, murders, brutalities….all of these are still problems in present time. And as much as it excited me to see a formidable reaction from the people Minneapolis, let alone the entirety of the U.S., that excitement fader away almost instantaneously after witnessing countless innocent civilians losing their property. Protests turned to riots, buildings to ashen ruins, stored emptied and vandalized, and the President of United States still hasn't given any reassurance to the public aside from Derek Chauvier's charges. Hell, he mocked the death of George Floyd during a speech….

    To be honest I do not know where I stand in this matter as a colored individual, but one thing is for certain: a storm is coming. The longer the injustice continues, the longer people continue to base the way of living off of the tone of our skin, and the more lives belonging to people of color who have been taken from them by the likes of the police, or really anybody who looks down on colored people, things will get ugly.

    Of course, not every non colored person is a racist, and not every police is a killer. The old saying "a few bad apples spoil the bunch" in this scenario anymore. But even still, racism is something that must stop. I just hope it doesn't resort to an all out war amongst people of color non-colored people, or worse….

    My brothers and sisters, please stay safe.

  3. strong message jae… Im not black but i always hated the usage of the N word, im glad you brought it up bro. i feel for your pain with all of the racism… i was adopted into a family for a lil while that is black and i would hate it if anything injustice like what you or george flyod when thru… also THANK YOUUUUUUUU for explaining the difference between the peaceful protests and the horrible riots. black people are already discriminated against, its horrible that these rioters would destroy this message and give the racists more fuel to use to spread hate. Differences between us is only skin deep…we are all still 99% similar cuz we are all one people. also you gave me something to think about with the "ban racists from going to events" thing, i never thought about it but your definitely right bro, keep up with the amazing content. i made my youtube channel because of people like you and who knows, if i get established like you, i might have to beat you one day;)

  4. Don't forget that it wasn't just one police officer with his knee on his neck. The video is horrific, but the pictures are worse. There was one officer holding his feet, one on his back, and one holding his hands behind his back.

  5. Yo KJ, I'm sort of new to your channel but I just want to say that you seem like an amazing person and I enjoy your content so much. And I want to thank you for your hard work. With that said I wanna say that I think this problem of racism lies deeper than alot of people know. I think alot of people in this world are racist without even knowing that they are. Everywhere around the world you are raised with little systematic things to dislike black people. America is the best example. Don't get me wrong I made my fair share of mistakes cause I was ignorant but people really need to educate themselves and stand/speak up cause at this point in time if you don't speak up, you are part of the problem. I'm truly disgusted by the events that transpire against the black community but at the same time, I am so amazed by the people that stand up for each other. It's truly magical and it brings me and alot of people hope for a better future.
    I hope, as a privileged white person I can educate myself more and more every day and be part of the fight against racism and all other forms of discrimination and help everyone not seen as equal by racism or any form of discrimination to get the same privileges as everyone else. I'm truly grateful for your channel KJ! And I hope I can get my but kicked by you in Tekken someday!

  6. Floyd was a ritual sacrifice to the evil forces all around us!…its a left v's right war games paradigm shift and we are all their canon fodder!

  7. Credit to you for speaking up. Racism is everywhere including the tekken fgc. Still remember the filth being said about Pakistani tekken players in chat.

  8. Human nature is dark… we do terrible things sometimes… The relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed is not confined to any one country… That is civilization, we make progress and fall back…We shall overcome someday, Oh deep in my heart, Loard. I do believe we shall overcome someday… Black lives matter
    Now, the world can be a nasty crazy place out there, we need a lot of courage and we need a lot of resilience after that, and we will fall down before we stand up… What really matters is the silence of the night in our conscience, when we are alone. We cannot control what happens but we can use what happens. We have so much reserves of love and support inside us, if we can just remember that in our mind and move on.

  9. Jae, thank you for using your platform to discuss this topic. Violence perpetuates violence but so does silence. No one person has the perfect solution. Change will happen, we just need to stay persistent. Sincerely- your brother from the states. #BlackLivesMatter

  10. I have to ask, I’m currently at 15:28 and I’m hearing this story. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. And I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not successful or an influencer. Most cops haven’t really bothered me, one did but that was when I almost crashed in VA. Then again another did pull me over for speeding, but that was my fault and I can’t blame him. They both were white. But the reason I’m bringing this up is because I can’t really relate to the story, I know it happens allot, and I don’t blame anyone who gets questioned by the cops, but I also don’t know why it doesn’t happen to me? Then the thought came to me, maybe they’re doing this to those who have influence or are successful. It doesn’t matter people will be people. As for the whole black lives matter. Yes, our lives matter, but so do Asians, Indians, Mexicans, everyone on this planet matters to me. I see my own being racist to others and saying I’m not racist because I never owned slaves. That’s selfish to think that it’s ok to be this just because something happened to our ancestors. I’m not saying there isn’t racism out there, there is, it’s just better hidden. In order to get people to stop thinking of us as some lower life form is to prove that we’re better. Killing, looting, acting a fool is only proving that we are what they say we are. Protesting peacefully sometimes works but ultimately we have to prove that we can be better by simply being better. You’re a fighting gamer, I am too, though I can’t go to tournaments because I lack confidence. But if I ever get the chance. I’d love to participate and prove that I’m just better, because I work harder. This comment may be all over the place, but to stop hatred, you can’t be hateful. To stop ignorance you can’t be ignorant. Easier said then done but to me it’s still a step on the right path of life no matter how small it may seem.

  11. It never should have went down like that. It looks like a crystal clear example of excessive force, but I think the racist card is pulled too often. You don't know the police's intentions and motivations. You don't know that he wouldn't have done the same if he wasn't black. If you really want things to change, then we need a honest debate first, not just knee jerk reactions. Crying racism when there's no clear proof of it will only damage the cause, it will lead to more racism and polarization. And if the problem here is general police brutality, but you think it's racism and implement measure to target racism, then the problem will not be solved, and the event will be repeated.
    Now I'm not saying that definitively there was no racist motivations. My point is that when there's no clear evidence, we shouldn't assume things.

  12. Anyone done their research on george Floyd? The guy held a pregnant woman hostage with a gun while his friends robbed the house, he held the gun to her pregnant stomach and beat her, do people believe bad things happen to bad people?, isn't karma real?

  13. Just wanna add to what you said Jae, what makes this even worse is we wanna take from black culture, but stay silent when anything like this happens!

  14. Brother, I am very proud of you utilizing your outlet and and to speak out in the midst of systemic racism on the plight of people who look like me and you. I know the recent events can leave you both traumatized and ineffable but you spoke up to address what needed to be heard. You spoke truth on food and it's funny how they capitalized off that shit too. Thank you man.

  15. For me I just have a different experience growing up as a kid who is both black and white. I'm 31 now and I have never heard up until two years ago that since I'm not fully black my opinion doesn't matter. To me when a black person says that I consider that racism. And it is racism to tell me that because of the color of my skin my opinion doesn't matter

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