November 26, 2022

46 thoughts on “Thousands of Ancient African Art & Artefacts on Display in New Egyptian Museum

  1. The thieves are making money from AFRICA property, What's the amount they are paying Africa. Please read the scriptures to the Vatican and the Monarch, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL AND COVIT YOUR NEIGHBORS GOODS!!

  2. Quelqu’un peut me dire où le buste de la reine Béhénou est exposé ( ? ) apparemment certaines découvertes ne sont pas mises à là vu du grand public pour des raisons évidentes ( Béhénou épouse de pépi 1er ancien empire découvert à Saquarrah en 2007 ) ℹ️

  3. Egypt is probably mixed with many races so I can accept not all were black. Kemet however is exclusively black. Thats why they curved themselves in stone so it never becomes a debate who they were. What they are showing here is Kemet stuff not Egypt.

  4. Thanks for the videos! My opinion is that all of them; calling themselves archeologists, egyptologist and so on ; them who penetrate the sacred places to robe the artefacts and belongings of our Kemetic ancestors would do better to return these symbols where they were! Some (EgyptoArabes and Europeans/American) should rather be ashamed of there (professionalised,sophisticated) lootings instead of glorifying there "discoveries" and making money of the resting soul of our Kings and Queens and all our Kemetic, Sudanese(blackskin) ancestors! Mâat will bring justice one day! Thanks!

  5. The truth seems to have a lot of these Arabs butt hurt. Y’all know damn well y’all were the late comers to Egypt. Arabs came around the middle of the 7th century and before you there were the Greeks and before them there was the original Egyptians. The black man and woman. Aka the original people. I know you’ve been taught different but you’ve been taught lies. It may hurt but that’s the return for ya!

  6. Who gave them permission to take what is not theirs in exchange for profit???
    Can it even be called a profit if they haven't earned the money? This doesn't sit well with my spirit.

  7. The fact that they want to convince us ancient Egyptians were white saying that the paintings are brown because they did not have the colour beige 🤚💀

  8. These ancient Egyptians are NOT the same lineage as the Egyptians walking around in Egypt today. The ancient pharaohs are clearly black These statues have broad features and locked hair. The south Asians migrated to Egypt approx 600 to one thousand years ago. These treasures have nothing to do with Islam or is,amic culture except thefact the Islamic population occupies this region.

  9. Why are People, leaving out, the name, ( MESSERIM ) like it is in the Bible, it appears first, then ( KEMIT ) from KEMIT, they changed the name to, ( EGYPT.) So where are the STATUES, from MESSERIM, and KEMIT, and all of the other TREASURES.

  10. Theybnot showimg this on cnn msnbc none of the us media….who owns the media. Nba. Nfl… they dont want to show blacks in america a ciet Egypt was. Lack people

  11. I watched both video on museum…
    Loved what was shown…
    I've seen the African art in France and China. What the video showed everyone see. 54 New Museums connecting their stories would be fantastic. Dream…

  12. The artefacts has being plagiarize, it all fake, the pyramids were shut down for while the did it to plagiarize and reinter duce it to the public. What happened to all the brad nose artefacts and the ones with the nose that were chiseled off. That new museum is as a lot off fake on display

  13. If you are African American, technically it is not our history because we would be descendants of Semitic Africans (Hebrew Israelites) and not the Hamitic Africans (ancient Egyptians/Cushites/Nubians). Our ancestors might have occasionally intermingled with Hamites but that does not equate to a shared heritage.

  14. Bunch of fake statues many of them are not the authentic ones just imitations, Europe has most of the authentic stuff, besides they're are 144,000 perfect ancient pharaohs and queens bodies im glad they still didn't find underneath the Pyramids its not like they could have touched it anyways those bodies will be resurrected into 144,000 of the black population when the time is right

  15. You guys talk alot and we Egyptians know that history of Egypt is more old and complicated than you think it’s a story of thousands of years and there were black people living in egypt and and some black rulers during Kush period but it was for short period of time in the middle kingdom, ancient Egypt were not black and kemit means black soil or black land as the fertility of Egypt land cuz of the river nile which was the magic word of ancient Egyptians civilization it doesn’t mean black people .

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