September 25, 2021

37 thoughts on “Thousands of asylum seekers waiting in streets, makeshift camps around Paris

  1. The problem beyond this stage is – for those get asylum, what can they then do? Nothing? They cant get a legal job because they have nothing to offer , noone wants to employ them – or do they? For those people that do get through the application process and are granted asylum , have I got it so very wrong that France is in fact waiting to welcome them in to France's paid workforce because France has such a shortage of unskilled people required to do ………… do……… do what exactly?

  2. In the UK, the Liberals who think the Right wing are dangerous and uncaring about the immos are the ones putting the immos lives in danger by encouraging them to come and cross one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes in a shit dingy, from an already safe continent. Its the supposed dangerous right wing who are saying no, stay where you are.

  3. "This cold November morning, 600 men , women and children are waiting to be evacuated"
    Sorry, this should read, "This cold November morning 595 men, 3 women, and two children"

  4. Why do they try so hard in European countries. Why don't they try that hard to make it in their own countries. Their countries need them more than Europe does.

  5. They ALWAYS complain about how they're treated, what's not provided for them, how INHUMANE every one is to them…totally forgetting where they are coming from!

  6. Economic migrants who abuse the asylum laws. Why can't they just send them back to their countries on a ship? Why do they have to be sent on a plane by two agents?

  7. He wonders why he has to keep changing countries, yet he has applied for asylum in another country??!! Even the tents they live in on Paris streets are better than the holes they lived in in Kabul. Have some gratitude, and maybe don't spent French taxpayers money on hair dye, buddy.

  8. I work my ass off 5 days a week but these people just dont. they will get put on benefits and a house with protection all because they're a migrant but the if you born if your own country just told to get on with.keep crying for that welfare bunch off dossers.

  9. Can anyone remember when American wanted to visit France? Oh it's so beautiful and full of culture. Hahaha. Lol. Moronic leaders did this to it's people. French people should revolt and behead it's leaders for this mess.

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