July 6, 2022

35 thoughts on “Thousands of Brave Sudanese Protesters Still Fighting Country’s Military Rule

  1. "The human spirit is not satisfied to be bound and slavish, adhering only to the dictates of culture, politics and religion."
    – The Freedom Journey (Marshall Vian Summers)

  2. Some countries are neglected by the West & all of a sudden Ukraine's on the focus. Palestine, Yemen, Sudan & the other less important countries 're never on the focus. I'm waiting anxiously when China'll invade Taiwan or India.

  3. Can peace not be attained in Sudan? What would it take? The situation in these Sub-Saharan countries are so depressing and frustrating to see over and over again. If the people want a working government elected by them, why is that so hard to get through the skulls of these military leaders? Arrogance, stubbornness is witchcraft. Knowing the power behind the instability is your answer.

  4. Azania (Africa)
    Stand strong!!!!
    – [ ] All -(Zonke) Praises (Indumiso) to Olilungisa Inceba UKUMKANI Ubungangamsha (Majesty) – WaseZulini BABA, I prayed in the name of his son UKUMKANI MiSindisi!!

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