November 29, 2021

49 thoughts on “Thursday LIVE! w/ Host Bro. Sanchez!!! Dangers of the Black Consciousness Community & So Much MORE!!

  1. Hey Bro Sanchez, have you done any research on the issue of human trafficking and how this multi-billion dollar disgusting industry profits more during crisis? Human trafficking, domestic violence and the grooming of children from online predators has increased because of this stay home, stay safe crap. Anti traffickers and counter traffickers are unable to do their humanitarian work to help the victims. Human traffickers do not care about age, gender, ethnicity and race. They are in every country, state, city, town and rural areas. 63% of trafficking is done locally and it either through sexual exploitation, forced labor and/or both. Human trafficking doesn't care about coronavirus, covid19 or police brutality, ect. Human trafficking continues to plague our whole world, is the biggest violation to human rights. It's not mediatized or talked about enough and most people are uneducated about it, when we should be aware and vigilant of it happening. Please, if you can, make some videos on this particular issue. Thank you.

  2. Bro Sanchez, what's up brother! I was surprised to see Machine Gun Kelly cover the song by Rage Against the Machine called "Killing in the Name." It's a highly political song that you should check out! I was shocked to see that on the Explore feed on YouTube.

  3. How can the professor complain about rasism, then turn around and say all white people are my enemy, even the dog catcher, and don't shop with chinese and non black businesses? A prejudice is a prejudice at the end of the day regardless of what group, people like this are creating the same division as the people they point the finger at. If you're putting yourself above others like this then you are operating from 100% ego. The movement to be had should be of consciousness as a whole against the world powers that smother it, and the movement should be about where our mind and souls are at, not our race or orientation or social standing because it will take a collection of all kinds to make things really happen. Things will not work as a whole if a movement is rooted in exclusion.

  4. Bro where u at. All this shit going on and no word from u or anybody else?! U being just as fraud as them if u do all that talking but now u playing the sidelines. If u out there protesting, we want to SEE!
    I FW u and ur channel all day. But if u got better things to do in situations like this ur fans are inevitably gonna leave cause I aint there for them.

  5. When Black businesses open stores, their prices are inflated far beyond wholesale prices! Either the companies that they buy from are inflating prices because they are Black….OR…Black folks are inflating Prices for greed and driving themselves out of business!!!?? I LOVE the thought of supporting Black Owned business, BUT I DON'T WANT TO GO BROKE DOING SO!!

  6. IMO, The Powers That Be; The Government, the Education System, the financial system, the Masons – Secret Societies, the Gangs that plague our Communities, the rappers/entertainers, etc. DON'T give the Knowledge and the Power to those that will use it to make a difference and change our communities for the better!! IJS.

  7. I think that you like hearing yourself talk. I would probably pay more attention if they weren't so long. The attention span of most people is less than 15 minutes. Why do you think that most videos on YouTube is 14 minutes or less…

  8. demonic people control those so called good men (masons) at the top, they even have to cover up murders, I've had a few try to stop me from spitting truths on the job lol I turned up the heat and told them I'm nobody's puppet lol

  9. Man bro Sanchez I been following you for a few months now man and I love the powerful information that you present to the people. I think you should extend your platform and bring more people on and do more debates to educate the people. I'd love to know how to be a moderator for your life. Keep up the good work bro. Flat Power

  10. Politics is not rocket science!
    It's a bunch of manipulative, gaslighting psychological tactics.
    Smoke and mirrors.
    Pure evil, nothing special.
    So again, this small character is showing how dumb he is by boosting his own ego bragging about knowing politics.
    And this is ya'll elder?

  11. I havent been listening to your show cuz i ve been so busy. But i always find myself saying ,MAN. I better check on my bro. He seems like the only one makes REAL sense and thats exactly how. I feel, and I feel as if i should let u know that , but u probably already been told well here it is once again .

  12. So if black people aren't suppose to participate in the system like everyone else. What are you all going to do. Because whether you all like it or not. You have been apart of the system and assimilated in the system since slavery till now.

  13. Yeah, we got a Bessemer St, in Pittsburgh & Carnegie+ Westinghouse,,,, & I can go on @ Frick , CDFU ,Mellons & General Braddock $ not to mention miss Mary Schenley, from England,, try now ,,si cheddar 🤑

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