May 23, 2022

37 thoughts on “Tiffany Haddish Tells the World how the West Lie to Scare the Diasporas Away from Africa

  1. She never feels the pain our Eritrean people are facing and she never knows what is going on? Just opinionated . Don’t get fooled African brothers. No elections for 30 years, No constitution, >350 prisons with no trails …………. And She says come and see. She is irresponsible. If it’s nice go and live there

  2. As an Eritrean, I encourage Tiffany to spend more than a few weeks in Eritrea. Eritrea is ruled by a totalitarian regime that underinvests in infrastructure such as electric, telecom and water. Electric and water shortages are normal in the capital Asmara let alone the countryside where ~70% live, hence you do need a flashlight. But not just infrastructure, Eritrea is a country where people disappear including journalists, politicians and religious figures. The only TV channel and news in the country is state-controlled EriTV. The internet is stuck in dialup for those who have it, you have to pay the equivalent of $1200 for 6 months more than what most Eritreans make in a year.

  3. USA is the lamb-dragon beast, ya'll

    Daniel chapters 1 and 3 reveal our days.

    In the book of Daniel chapter 1, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (literal Israel people) experienced "a health crisis" of their kind in the land of literal Babylon, where they were "mandated" to put "unclean" substances into their bodies.

    Sounds familiar? But they applied for medical/religious exemption, and it was granted to them. For standing true to health principles and keeping their bodies (the temple of God) undefiled, God rewarded them with 10x wisdom, knowledge, ability to understand prophecy, visions, dreams and big job promotion. Hopefully we would end up with these rewards too at the end of our health crisis.

    THEN in Daniel 3, Mishael, Azariah, and Hananiah were face to face with the Babylon king himself (the beast is a symbol of king, Daniel 7:17) and were "caused" by "a new law" to worship literal Babylon king's "image" (the image of the beast). In a nutshell, the three Israel were forced to "worship" the Babylon king (violation of the 1st Commandment) indirectly by worshiping the king's image (violation of the 2nd Commandment). Sounds familiar?

    What we are experiencing right now as we live in Revelation 13 and 17 is Daniel 1 and 3 on a global scale but on a spiritual level.

    We are the spiritual Israel living in spiritual Babylon. The next test will be a new law: the mark of the beast. What is this new law? A law that will violate one of God's Commandments regarding worship. A new law that will appear so Christian and holy and good, sounds like God's Law, but with some detective work, it is not God's Law. Expect to see a counterfeit law of God to be enforced in the name of "common good" amidst crisis.

    The vaxx has paralells to this new law. Since 2020, God allows us to see how the principles of this pandemic mimic what's coming next. We'd better be wise and knowledgeable like Daniel and his three friends so we dont end up worshiping the beast, his image and taking the mark of this beast in our foreheads (in mind, Deuteronomy 6:6-8) or right hands (by our action).

    Identify this beast described in Revelation 13:1-10,18. It is utterly important. Or see what Protestant Reformers said about this beast. They used Daniel 7 to unlock Revelation 13. It was a common knowledge back in the day. And then, the beast himself will tell you his mark. Don't guess what his mark is. But check with the Bible if the Bible also confirms it.

    Remember, Revelation 13 is about worship. Whom you obey is whom you worship. The word "worship" or "worshiped" was mentioned 5x in Revelation 13. God charged this beast and the second beast (aka his false prophet as described in Revelation 13: 11-17, Revelation 16:13-14, Revelation 19:20) against breaking the 1st Commandment (verse 4,8,12), against the 2nd Commandment (verse 14,15), against the 3rd Commandment (verse 5,6), and against the 4th Commandment (verse 16,17) and the 6th Commandment (verse 7). Do you know that the 10 Commandments appeared in Revelation 11:19 and Revelation 15:5?

    The new law is the mark of the beast which is a violation of the 4th Commandment. The second beast aka the false prophet will do the dirty work for the first beast and will do "great signs", "fire from heaven" to deceive the world (2 Chronicles 7:1, 1 Kings 18:38, 2 Kings 1:1). Identify this second beast. It's alive and well, just like the first beast..

  4. Yes I love her ! I’m glad she went and I hope this inspires many more. Many people tell me not to go the flights to long or i will be unsafe that’s a lie ! Africa is so beautiful and the people there are safe. Like anywhere there are bad places but Wow! There’s nothing like being in Africa !

  5. i Am So Happy That She Did Not Listen To Others Telling Her Not To Visit The Motherland. You Can Tell By The Way Her Face Radiates Joy, That She Does Not Have Not One Regret For Going With Her Heart. I Hope That She Carries Through With What She Says She Will Do. Much Success To Her!

  6. Here's where her next level tests are gonna start phasing into her life. Tiffany may become more vocal or more active in bridging the gap between our people in on the Continent and us in the Diaspora (particularly in America). Watch how her movie opportunities start to change. Folks, I'm gonna be selective in my language; nevertheless, EVERYTHING IN NATURE from a single cell organism to HUMAN BEINGS has a natural enemy, an "anti-". We in America, the Black people, have a natural enemy that affects us wherever we are on the planet. The sooner we accept this principle of truth, the better equipped we be in navigating around this said enemy that acts like a friend.

  7. Tiffany l am glad that you been to Eritrea and said good things, and beside you should have talk the bad things bside as well don’t give negative images to others. You came from US to Eritrea you seen very huge differences. Why couldn’t you ask your self if you truly cared about Eritrea. many buildings about to fall down, no young people at all and leaving the country and become refugees everywhere, shortage of electricity and water, a lack of food the Government has been 30 years in power he is the worst dictator ever in Africa. Why you didn’t say or talk about that. We were born and raised in Eritrea you don’t have to tell us about Eritrea, we been forced to leave our homeland by facing and given us unlimited military service, no freedom speech or free press freedom.
    And of course they have to welcome you because you are famous, rich and came from US. You should have be a voice of voiceless. You given a land and many out of there hasn’t given a land regardless they served the government almost their lives, how that fair, how l am going to think me l will be so happy that you get land . Personally l like you and like your comedy but l believe if you are truly celebrated you should have talk the truth!

  8. True but this woman is not to be trusted. Her self-serving statement helps her serve her country, place her on a more international platform and hide some of her past public attacks on Afrikan Amerikan (FBA/DOS).

  9. She is probably from the States. I'm American. The education regarding other countries especially Africa is minimal. The info given about Africa is mostly of the sort she mentioned. Unfortunately.

  10. We need a coalition of a new African youth to change the narrative of the colonial west on Africa. Enough of the ignorant propaganda of the Western media on Africa. We have the power to change that.

  11. What a dissapointment! What a shame to call you an eritrean i wish you were'nt 💔why do you think ppl are fleeing out of Eritrea coz of the luxurious life over there or what? Ok you are an actress may be you are acting like the dictator wants you to act but this is not a comedy, hell no! Eritrea is; the only country(may be north Corea is the 2nd)in the planet which its ppl vorbbiden to have a Corona vaccine, Eritrea has no universty but we have 360 prisons, eritrean youth the ones you tell them that they have a bright future are since 25 yrs in Military services many of them are not alive and now is the turn of their children who are trying to get out of that hell and dying everywhere😭 girl what are you talking about? is that not evidence enough to know how eritreans live right now, May be you were high at this Interview (marihuana & co.) but you will regret it one day to give such an ignorant interview, coz you have no clue what the ppl of Eritrea are going through right now🤬

  12. I am glad people are waking up nowadays, Africa is where life is beautiful and stressless, reason way they want to keep people from getting this knowledge about Africa

  13. Americans dream. No Americans Nightmare. About trying too control Black People so those brothers and sisters won't think about going too the continent of Africa. Well it's Not Working Is It . Keep Going Brothers and Sisters. Peace Everyone

  14. We need more like you, people who expose lies. Tell them as it is. Thank you.

  15. visit kenya & you will be more surprised,they scare people about Africa, yet they come in droves to visit and enjoy luxurious vacations on a discount.

  16. Your circumstances is not an average. It’s a fact that ppl take everything & anything including food. You might not relate but an average Eritrean won’t hangout with Isaias either.

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