June 9, 2023
TikTokin Professor Exposes FBI Cover Up You Never Learned About

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How deep are students in the United States propagandized? Well, this teacher tells us how closely the Civil Rights movement and the Communist Party of the United States of America were tied. It all starts to make sense when you think about how republicans don’t want critical race theory taught. breaks it down on .

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41 thoughts on “TikTokin Professor Exposes FBI Cover Up You Never Learned About

  1. Muricans can barely fucking read let alone know what communism is. I am an expat in a socialist country and will never come back to the shithole country USA

  2. Another thing they do to put socialism in a bad light is they show images of countries that they label as socialist but are also dictatorships and the US places heavy embargos on. Of course the country is going to struggle with the US and much of the world refusing to trade with them. That has nothing to do with socialism.

  3. ALL TRUE. It also should be acknowledged that parts of this was also influenced as a response to the French Revolution where the “Communards” pulled together to create communities that were anti Government. Unlike France; American has a large identifiable class (Black/Brown /Asian) to exploit while using poorer European like people as the firewall by given them minor privileges while exploiting them too.

  4. This reminds me of the Cuban-American culture with their anti communism pro trump stance.
    Most of them say the say thing, that they had to flee cuban because the government took all their land, etc.
    They don’t realizing that what most of them are really saying is that the Afro Cubans had nothing. The Afro-Cubans were living in squalor while Cubans lived life.

  5. Its sad that people still dont get that the gov was never the good guy. Your founding fathers were terrorists. Reservations dont just exist because of the past. Youre all still financing terrorism against indigenous people. Corporations are not nations.

  6. To all the capitalist supporters I say look at China now. Theyre population has more buying power than the american citizen. And don't even try to give me the freedom bullshit. We don't have that here.

  7. So now that DOJ has charged Louisville police with civil rights violations in Breonna Taylor's shooting should Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Jesse Lee Peterson apologize for saying she was a drug dealer? Should BLM haters apologize to BLM because they protested her death for over 100 days in Kentucky? Should people like Candace Brandon, Jesse, be sued like Alex Jones

  8. Not every “white” person will “glitch” when being told this. Who do you think those socialists and communists here in the US were? The fact that anyone prefaces something like this by saying “every white person” tells me we are going down the wrong road again. Just inverted. Know how to alienate all those “white people” who actually know history? Keep saying “all those white people”. SMFH

  9. The first political party, in the US, where a black man and a white man could stand shoulder to shoulder as equals was in the communist party, in the 1880's in the south.
    "People's History of the United States, 1492 – Present." Howard Zinn

  10. I just finished the book Black Like Me and it does touch a lil on whites calling other whites communist for trying to help any black person or the black community. We see it today during BLM protest and christian nationalist will call them communist just to push their agenda and delegitimize the BLM movement.

    That and also blue live matter was made to do the same. It's all BS from the right wing

  11. There's no evidence detailing the true plans of the faux communist movement? Imagine that, not everything is a white man conspiracy. Communism is real and the rich have always screwed over the working class and the poor. It's called divide and conquer. It's still going on today and what's messed up is, we all know it on some level

  12. So true when progressives gained political influence and voters started voting progress the government (wealthy) conflated progressivism with communism and the down fall of society !!!

  13. The reason we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes is that the people who should learn from History, us, dont. We see fascism and radical religious extremists right in front of us, and instead of exterminate it, we try to talk with them.

    There's your failure to learn from History right there.

  14. In the UK the old labour party functioned with a socialist ethos and then the money behind politics influenced and took control … now the 2 main parties in the UK are conservatives and the hidden conservatives party. If there are any doubts simply research what happened in last few weeks to a serving politician for showing solidarity with workers fighting for equal pay/working conditions etc. Lets also not forget the war crimes committed by US and UK labour politicians surrounding the lies surrounding WMD … crimes still not been investigated and excused. I no longer am able to affiliate with any party and in that i feel adrift …

  15. Well for those that call themselves christian nationalists.. In 1 Samuel 8.. The children of Israel demanded a king.. They no longer wanted or trusted Samuel to be their judge because his sons had chosen to not walk in the ways of the Lord.. Samuel was angry about their demand and felt rejected.. God told Samuel.. The Israelites did not reject you they rejected me.. Go down to them and protest to them by telling them what the king will do.. The king will take their daughters as his own.. The king will demand a tith of 10% of your belongings.. The king will take your sons to run his chariots.. Some of your children will be in front of those chariots (meaning they will be run over by those same chariots) the king will make you slaves and servants to his kingdom.. God told Samuel to warn the children of Israel what the reaction would be if they were to have a king other than God who was intended to be king of Israel for eternity.. The Israelites said no we want to be like every other nation and have a king.. God sayed so be it and choose Saul as the new and first king of Israel.. 🐧

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